I would like to hear the opinions of others so thanks
also is it just me or are the horror movies getting less boring or not scary?

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Yes, they are . I blame political correctness. as for great horror movies, I vote for Hostel, the first Ring movie and The Prophecy. Any of the Prophecy movies, especially if you have an interest in angels or angel warfare. I like the Omen and the numerous Dracula films, too. I am a horror junkie and am pretty easy to please, though. Hope you have a great day, see ya!

The Hidden (1987) The opening scene Kicks so much ass.

One hell of a way to start a horror movie in my opinion.

Anyone else seen this?
Not in any particular order but these are a few titles no horror fan should be without:
Return of the Living Dead (original-1984)
Night of the Demons
House on Haunted Hill (original-Vincent Price)
Zombie (Lucio Fulci)
Thing from Another World (not horror-but a must have)
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
All the "Hammer" Dracula films with Christoher Lee
Grindhouse:Planet Terror
Friday the 13th (2009)
Rob Zombie's Halloween
Nightmare Man
Halloween 4

That is just to name a few. Some old, some new, all great horror.
I liked the new Amittyville Horror. I was surprised at the depth that Ryan Renolds showed in his character, he was really creepy. Until then, i had only seen him in several comedies. Perhaps it was a bit of a break out role for him. I found the acting by the rest of the cast believable as well. I think i like this version better than the old one, it was nice that they went into more background about what might have made this house a bad one.
I just love the real oldies with creepy shadows and early film art. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosfertu, The Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera....
I agree..horror movies made today dont even scare me. Ive always been a big fan of horror movies especially the ones from the 60's & 70's & todays horror movies just doesnt even seem real.
Here is a short list of some of my favorites:
(the original) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
(the original) Night Of The Living Dead
(the original) Carnival Of Souls
(the original) House Of Wax
Phantasm 1 & 2
Pet Sematary
(the original) Psycho
The Exorcist
(the original) Halloween
...there are tons more but it would take me all day to list :-)


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