Yoga? Been there. Meditation. Done that. In the pursuit of health and well-being, another ancient practice is now taking hold.


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A few things here , to add , SunKat :

First , is the monetary / cultural appropriation aspect , which has

caused great hostility , and consternation among native peoples

regarding the tribal ancient knowledge being sold , even by their

own people...

Second , it is true semanticists and anthropologists have claimed

the word shaman , is derived from the Tungus people of Siberia ,

from Saman...

Yet just as valid , though little recognized , and strongly refuted by

those in academia who don't like to look at new evidence , is the

source of the word from the Obri / Hebrew word Shamaim , which

means "sky , heaven , firmament" ;

When I was attending my friend Michael Langevin's  ( Magical Blend )

conference on Shamanism , at the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco ,

many years ago , I met Olga :

And she spoke of basically being taken through a wormhole ,

by "Sky Shamen" , and we spoke of the code and tradition I

was given , by the Faery / Spirits , and she confirmed what I

was saying...we just got it in different ways...lineage , and direct ;

Interestingly enough , she was the only one who spoke of the Sky ,

as all other Shamen on the panel , spoke of connection to Earth , the

community , and healing...

Her tradition , as she told me , was about connecting heaven and earth ,

very similar to old traditions such as Sumerian...

Further , as the "im" in "Shamaim" , in Obri / Hebrew gematria ( letter

and number correspondence system ) , has a value of 10 + 40 for the

two letters , we may substitute an "N" , which has a value of fifty...

Thus , I can not agree shaman *only* comes from one source...

There is a very important third thing , and that is a warning , from one who has

had direct experience with the darkside of the Shaman / Guru / Teacher / Rabbi

and seeker of healing / knowledge / power interaction...

Almost forty years ago , one of my woman friends conveyed a story to me of going

to an extremely well known , and famous medicine man of that time...I could say his

name , but I will not out of respect for his family...

She told me how he used her need for healing , and coming to him , in trust , as a way

to seduce her , split up her and her boyfriend , and she found he had done it to many

other women...I listened , and heard her pain...

A few years later , I was in California , and heard he was going to be speaking at a store

owned by women I sold spiritual art and tools to...I called them , and gave them a heads up...

Out of courtesy of our friendship , and business relationship , and concern for their female

clientele...they thanked me , and told me they would keep their eyes and ears open...

Later that day , I got a call...from this medicine man's mother and sisters...

They asked me who I was , how I heard of this , who told me...then said "He is doing it again"...

Apparently , they were well aware this had happened before , more than once...

So , as there are many other stories of the abuse of the position of power , from many other

traditions , when anyone , yet especially vulnerable women , looking for healing or knowledge ,

my warning is this :

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


The Closer One Gets To The Source , The More "Temptation"

There Is To Misuse That Power For One's Own Gain

*Just* Choose Your Shaman / Guru / Teacher / Rabbi / Medicine Person Wisely ;

And do not think abuse of power is limited to men , in this position...

"Whatever Works" , must have an addendum :

"Highest Good For All"

I really enjoyed this post SunKat. Thank you.


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