Hello all!

I'd love to set up a meeting/discussion and maybe get some people to meet up and share stories an plan outings? im in Hobart but we can debate when and where :) Well hope to hear from anyone in my area soon!


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O my god yes man whats up? I live in Griffith. Lets get together with some peeps.
ya.. its so impossiable up here in NWI to find anyone.. lol its not just quiet here lol
Thats kinda weird dont ya think? I think we live in a real church area. I dont like it lol.
well... we got 2! lol but thats not much of a meeting.. there is a little unitarian church in hobard that has a circle i need to go to soom and find more people.. maybe get them to signup here idk.. but ill keep searching and update you here when i know more

my contact info:

Cell:219-741-1522 (txt with who and that your from this site please)
Email:eric.kapica@gmail.com (this goes directly to my cell aswell)
new to the ways. I recently stumbled across wicca witch matched most of what i believe in i have been researching it and trying to learn as much as i can ever since.am still exploring it hope to learn more and begin my spiritual journey.I would love to learn all that i can BUT i know i can't do it on my own that's i was kinda looking for guidance and a teacher someone to teach me and help me on my spiritual path of witchcraft and magick. Im a SHY person but i like to make new friends im interested in meeting other people that have same interest I've had quite a few friendships blow up in my face, but if a good person would be willing to meet with me it would be very much appreciated  please contact me.THANK YOU for taking the time to read. and have a BLESSED day  if you can help me please let me know as soon as you can
I am in Portage IN... I have been educating myself, I am still learning & am still pretty much new but am eager to learn & meet new people

Agree  With Eric  Lets get toghter...  I lve close to Indiana Border.. Illinois. 

 Water Witch"

Hey guys!  Just so you know, there's a facebook group called "Pagan Community of Northwest Indiana" that's pretty active.  Once a month we try to have a pagan meet and greet in Valparaiso (usually Pepes) that's hosted by a woman in the group named Sheila Forbes.  Hope to see you there! Blessed be! 


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