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Beltane Open Ritual

When: May. 2nd. 2009
Where: Bel Air, Maryland

Beltane Open Ritual

Event Details: An open ritual to celebrate Beltane. More to be announced.

Event Location: Faerewood in Bel Air
Event TIME Details: Evening

Directions: Please contact Mark to get directions and to let us know you'll be attending.

Chesapeake Pagan Summer Gathering

When: Jul. 9th. 2009 - Jul. 12th. 2009
Where: Darlington, Maryland

CPC Summer Gathering, July 9-12, 2009

Event Details: "Awakening Your Magickal Connection"
Chesapeake Pagan Community's
Sixth Annual Summer Gathering

Thursday, July 9 thru Sunday, July 12, 2008
Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, Maryland

Special Guests include:
Sabina Magliocco, author of *Witching Culture: Folklore and Neo-Paganism in America* and *Neo-Pagan Sacred Arts and Altars: Making Things Whole*
Kenaz Filan, managing editor of *New Witch* and author of *The Haitian Vodou Handbook: Protocols for Riding with the Lwa*
Tigre Cruz, ritual drummer and rhythmancer
Elspeth & Nybor, co-founders of the Haven Community

Join the sixth annual Chesapeake Pagan Summer Gathering as we awaken a magickal connection with the land and spirits of Camp Ramblewood in northern Maryland. Amidst Nature's cathedral of trees, we'll celebrate the season and study the theory and practice of magick. Our activities will include workshops, sweat
circles, ritual, spiritual healing, spellcraft, oracular seeing, trancework and bonfire drumming. People from all levels of training, ages, genders and orientations are welcome.

Participants have found the relatively small size of the CPC summer gatherings to be an excellent venue for serious, highly-focused magic. We're expecting attendance of 100
to 150 for 2009. This means you'll have time to meet and talk with our featured guests and workshop presenters in a comfortable, uncrowded environment that simply isn't an
option at larger gatherings.

Goddess Aradia
Sabina Magliocco has done extensive research into the subjects of European folklore, Wicca, and the Goddess Aradia. Connections between modern Wicca and
Sardinian folklore will be discussed. Was the name of Diana's daughter more than just a fabrication by Charles Leland? Is the Goddess's name still part of Sardinian culture today?

Miriam will organize sweat circles again. Sacred sweats are a tradition found on all the world's continents. Guided by our skilled pourers, the alchemy of fire and water will purify your soul.

Camp Facilities
Camp facilities include flushing toilets, hot showers, swimming pool, cabins with plumbing and electricity, plenty of space for tent campers, a dining hall serving
buffet-style meals, and excellent cellular reception. The site covers about 200 acres, surrounded by trees.

Event Location: Camp Ramblewood in Darlington
Event TIME Details: Thursday thru Sunday

Directions: Camp Ramblewood is located in Northern Maryland, near Darlington. See our web site for directions and map.

Phone: (888) 607-9134

Website II:
Mailing Address: CPC, P.O. Box 25242, Baltimore, MD 21229


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