A lot of people on here wish to follow what has become known as Native Spirituality. That is fine; actually I think it is awesome. If done with honor and honesty in your heart.

Now for the few things I wish to rant about.

Not all Native tribes are the same.  If you learn something about Native Spirituality from a Lakota, then that is Lakota Spirituality. It is the Lakota spin on what they see as Spirituality.  That is not the same as say a Hopi’s spin on Spirituality. It is very annoying for the few that have set with one tribe and learned their ways and then state it as if it’s a fact for all tribes.  So don’t do it. It’s rude.

This statement drives me crazy. I have attended X amount of powwows so I know.

Ok, good for you, but what tribe was that powwow for? Was it a Nations gathering, meaning there was peoples from several different Nations and different tribes within that Nation? Was it one tribes powwow; was it just a demonstrative powwow? The type of powwow you go to does have an effect on what, you think you know. So do yourself a favor and find out before you go somewhere and say it’s is absolutely this way because I have gone to a powwow and they said it was. To do it makes you look stupid to other Natives. If you don’t know for sure, keep your mouth shut until you do know from which tribe you have learned these things.

This one is my biggest pet peeve.  Natives are Christian. As if that is it, no other religions allowed. I have news for you; to some tribes the Christian faith is the enemy. So that statement will piss off a lot of Native people if you said it to their face. No we do not all worship the Christian god. Spirit is not the hater that god is and no matter how hard the Christians have tried to say it’s the same god for the last couple of centuries, it’s not.  We worship the Earth, nope wrong again. We honor the Earth because it is our mother, it is our home, and it is what gives us life. But it is a part of Spirit as all things are, it is not Spirit and does not deserve to be worshipped as a god but honored as a part of Spirit.

Even though some tribes have Shamanistic a ritual that does not mean all tribes does.  Some tribes are attached to other groups of medicine people and those orders. Not all tribes believe that there are “good” and “bad” spirits and they invade a person.   Yes there are some tribes that have shamans, but there are many that do not. If you are talking about a tribe that believes in a Shamanistic way please state the name of the tribe of whom your speaking off, do not lump all Native Spirituality  into one big ball, because it as individual as each of you.

Something I want to add here. The New Age movement/spirituality or whatever you wish to call it has taken a few things from Native Spirituality and changed it to fit them. I really do not have a problem with that, as I see anything spiritual as a good thing. But please before you assume something that is written as Native Spirituality is truely Native Spirituality before you go saying it is, and posting a bunch of articles that were written by some person that has never been with in a hundred miles of a Native American Indian. The whole totem thing really burns my bumm.  Totem is very special to a clan or tribe or nation. So going around saying you have found your personal totem, well it's just rude.

Debwa Naana DIWE, debaajimood Nooke Ojibwa First Nation

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Honestly, I can agree with you on that. Not all Native American tribes have the same beliefs and it just shows arrogance for someone to say they believe in all Native American beliefs. I'm part Cherokee Native American myself, and I've actually always had an interest in learning more about the Cherokee beliefs, I don't think I know enough about it, I just know a little bit on their beliefs so far. I did go to a powwow once at the Meskwaki reservation, but I can't remember what tribes they are though, all I remember is it starts with an S lol. I was really fascinated with it though.

I agree with you. One of my biggest pet peeves has always been a generlization of native spirituality. Each tribe has a unique culture, a unique way of looking at things, a unique history. This would suggest they have unique spiritualities as well. When I was in high school, I went to class with someone that was part Hopi. She used to tell me stories about visiting her grandmother, and from those experiences would learn legends and ways of doing things. None of what she said reflected what I was told by the Coast Salish tribe I met on a field trip as a kid. None of it reflects what I have learned recently about the Cherokee. I find each culture amazing, and I find them beautiful. I've begun to include native cultures in my studies largely because I now have a platform in which I can learn. One thing that fascinates me most is the continued diversity of spiritual concepts and beliefs within each tribe.


I've never been to a pow-wow. I've seen a native dance once, when I was a kid, and I barely remember it (except that it told a story about a giant bird, I think it was Thunderbird but I really can't remember). I only know about the blanket designs because the BSA, particularly up in this area (after you join OA) bastardised the practice. My knowledge of the cultures are small, disjointed, and unclear. That's one reason I joined this group. I want to learn more, both about the tribe I may come from (Cherokee), the tribes that fascinate me (Ojibwa, Navajo, Choctaw, etc.) and the tribes that are my geographical neighbors (Salish, Puyallup, Makah, Quileute, etc.).


It strikes me as somewhat stupid to be making assumptions when I'm fully aware of my own ignorance, and I can't really understand why other people would. I can't claim to know anything about a given tribe, because I haven't spoken with people from that tribe, I haven't learned. When someone with the same lack of knowledge voices their opinion or belief in native spirituality, it confuses me. How can they know native spirituality if they haven't, y'know, learned anything about native spirituality?


Aaaaand there's my random nonsensical diatribe for the day.

Woad that last paragraph made complete sense to me...lol. Scary huh...lol.

Here ya go Jenny. This link is for snowowls site. She has it going on when it comes to Cherokee history and even a chance to see if you can find your ancestory. There is also the address for the tribal registry, you can write them and they will send you a bunch of information about the tribe.


*pounces on new site*


I could use all the help I can get in learning about the Cherokee. I also have a book list I'm trying to read through, and several other sites that I, *cough*, accidently lost. I dislike being one generation shy of confirming our native ancestry. Considering the location and probable timeline, it's going to be a biotch. Hopefully I can find a way to solve this problem in the next week.


And there I go rambling again. I know it was meant for Jenny, but thanks for the site, kixs!

LOL...I don't think Jenny will mind sharing...lol.

i believe you are very correct. i'm part cherokee. i learn as much as possible. but i avoid christians at ALL cost. i dont believe in any one god. i worship the earth. respect the old ways. and love the people i've chosen as "my people". stay the person that you are.


Thank you bob, and I definitly plan to stay the person that I am.

 It took a long time to build me and I like what has been laid on a good foundation.

Natives are Christian...this is false sorry to say, as for me i am cree and i believe in my native culture and i practise this and as well i am irIsh so i practise the celtic pagan way and to me the native spiritual way is similar to the pagan way..love and respect all...but i do agree with you in that all native tribes or bands are diffrent in their beliefs like the cree,the blood, and the many natives tribs out there...CREE CELTIC PAGAN AND PROUD TO BE HIY-HIY

 Act like this reply is a like button. I like what you said and now way of showing without replying. Yes I am a long winded Indian, is there another kind?

I didn't say they were no Christian Native American's. I said it wasn't the only belief system.

I think that long ago, the Indians were the same ceremonies.
Time has divided them, changed live.


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