i was wondering if any1 could offer up any sugestions on this, i already have the basic necceties, ritual, my high preistess... however i was wondering if there was anything that someone could sugget to make this more memorable.

thank you very much,
Blessed be,
Safire Moon

(p.s. im attaching a pic of my son to this)

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your child is beautiful and of course all of new life is , I would say is it a public wiccaning? [ friends and family?] or a private thing between you and a priestess ? their are many things one can do in both instances , taking of pictures , and of course gifts and a certificate of wiccaning from your priestess , music is always good think of it as a birthing party food and many other things hope this helps MP
thank you. it is a public wiccaning... we were thinking about doing it on samhain... to ensure the strength of the wiccaning... is it a bad idea to mix the holiday & his wiccaning??
i'm not sure if its a bad idea to have the ritual on samhain but personally i try to avoid doing any rituals on sabbats other than purely ceremonial things that pay homage to that sabbat.
i would suggest doing the wiccaning on a full moon before or after samhain...i like to think of november as the month of thanks and what better to reason to give thanks than a healthy child.
you could hand out trinkets (your childs birth gem, an annoited candle etc. etc.) to everyone that attends the wiccaning with a small thank you card. photos for sure so your son can see them when he comes of age.

brightest blessings to you and your son...dale
Good luck with your Wiccaning Safire Moon, I will look to my old workings from some years ago, and see if anything there may be of any use?
Many blessings of light, love, and peace,
Greetings Safire Moon, IMHO only, a Wiccaning welcome, usually takes place (in England), around the time of the growing Moon, from New Moon visible, to just before full, to allow the Childs blessings to grow with the powers of the Ladyand Lord.
Its nice to also have some decoration around at the Ritual, of where the Child was conceived, pictures, momentoes, time of year, thus allowing the Elemental Quarters to be used in decoration and in correspondance, for the most powerful working for the Child being brought forth into the community (hope this makes sense to you? ).
Bealteine and Oestara are traditional times of Sabbats of growth and development, Samhain, the time of Death and darkness of the year, but |I am sure your HPriest and H Priestes will know all this and guide you accordingley.
Many blessings be granted to the little one,
Many blessings,
thank you for clearin that up, i am grateful for you info & insight
A pleasure maam.
ok dude, you have serios issues & idk what your talkin about enemies... if you want me to be i can & mind you i am a spiteful person. If you claim an extraterstial existance then fine, more power to you... but i'll let you know once & once only my quest for enlightenment not so much for my own personal learning... but for my son... so i would appreciate it if your going to say stupid stuff to not reply to my discussins. And for the record you are neither good looking enough nor interesting enough to inhabit even the smallest corner of my mind... & idt i look good, but i know im way outta your league.

thak you very much,
blessed be,
Safire Moon
& BTW ITS SPELLED safire not that hard to spell
double checks to make sure i'm on paganspace.com not crazyguyspace.com...

hey i was wondering how you found a high priestess for your wiccaning. i know you don't need one but i would like to have one bless my son for his wiccaning. If you'd be able to help me id much appreciate it. 



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