I "liked" a few pagan/witchcraft related pages on Facebook and was bombarded with rude messages and people telling me that I worship the "devil" and that I'm going to "hell". Christians say their lord will judge but they are the first to judge. Their bible says thou shalt not kill but it also says witches should not be allowed to live. Christians preach tolerance and acceptance except for when you don't follow their ideals of living. I've never even heard of a pagan pushing their beliefs on anyone or trying to convert anyone but Christians live to do this and I'm quite sick of it and feel horrible for the way I've been treated by holier than thou bible beaters. And they wander why I no longer claim the christain religion.

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I agree with you 100%...the reason why I'm trying the Pagan/Wiccan path.
This is all true. Also, the internet tends to encourage people to spout off horrible things without thought. Just remember how they've made you feel & turn it into something you can use, i.e. don't press your beliefs on someone else and such. Pagans, I've learned, are not really in the business of condemning others or pressing beliefs anyway, but some can be very insistent about their beliefs to the same degree. We all must be more compassionate to one another, regardless of our path, yes?

Blessings <3


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