I hace only been studing Wicca for about a week or so. I have not told anyone. It started when I created a Number of belief system circles on Google Plus. None of them took off like the Pagsn one. I became interested because I can no longer believe in the Christian god.

I was told to read, read, and read. I finally found some Scott Cunningham free ebooks and can understand him better. I was also told to take what I wanted and leave the rest behind. I haven't told anyone yet because I am known for jumping in things head first and then jumping out never to approach again.

I'm trying to take this easy because I really think I have found what I am looking for.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a someone who is new?

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I am in a similar situation, having recently become a Pagan. I have yet to tell anyone either, but I know that my choice was the right one for me and the time will come when I'll be able to tell others. I have done some reading on Paganism, and am hoping to find some good books in the library the next time I go so I can read further on my new religion.

My suggestion is to keep at it. If you know in your heart and soul that your decision was right, it will feel right if given time. Do not give up. I made my decision to become Pagan only Wednesday night (4-11) but am certain it will suit me just fine. I know my Goddess will let me know when the time is right to tell everyone I'm connected to about my new beliefs.

I've found a few websites that are very informative (about Paganism) and I'm sure if you look you'll find some about being Wiccan.

Keep at it and don't give up. If you know this is right, then it is so. If not, keep searching; you will find what you are looking for. But I agree that you shouldn't try to rush into it. Take your time and slowly open yourself to Wicca.

Blessed Be,


I have been studying for almost a year now. I suggest checking out both Scott Cunningham's and Dorothy Morrison's books.
For me, only my friends, my older brother, and sister-in-law know. They know because they are Pagan or Wiccan as well. My parents do not know, but I'm sure they'll let me know when the time is right to let them know.
I'm glad that you're wanting to dive in on studying, but don't dive in too quickly until you fully understand what you're getting into which is what my sister told me.

Try looking at the groups and discussions to find specific areas of interest and look in to those then spread out and expand from there. Follow your intuition, anything that jumps out at you or you feel pulled to are areas you should explore. Sometimes you'll be pulled towards areas that seems strange and don't look right for you. You should still look into them, you're being pulled towards them for a reason. You might change your mind about the topic or in seeing what you don't agree with or believe in can lead you to areas that you do believe in. You learn just as much about your beliefs in exploring what you don't believe in as exploring what you do believe in. 


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