Hi All,

I have been coming across this word "Road Opener" and I have googled it and there's not much
info about it online. However, from my books, I have found a recipe which includes honeysuckle, sweet orange & vanilla. Am not sure if I am at the right track coz I thought the herbs should be sharp so that it could open all roads / paths?

Glad to have found this group and hope to get to know you all soon!

Thanks so much!

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Which book did you find it in? Or can you provide the recipe and enchantment from the book? I am in need of such a spell/oil...and I know some people that could use it to...Thanks and Blessings.
Merry Meet,

I am guessing by your description this is suppose to open all roads, all paths.

Honeysuckle : Money, Psychic Powers, Protection
Sweet Orange : Love, Divination, Luck, Money
Vanilla : Love, Lust, Mental Powers

From looking at the ingredients, it seem to be a gentle calling and not a harsh demanding of attendance. I won't say that this will open all paths, but it's a good start. It puts you on the road to better and more prosperous way of life.

Without knowing the spell I would not change a thing... But once you start to walk the path, and you find something you really want to do, you can choose spell more in tune with your desires and choices.

Merry Part.
Road opener is a Hoodoo spell that will open roads for you. It opens roads for all things in your life. This is a Hoodoo recipe that I got from a Hoodoo teacher:

Abre Camino
sage oil
cedar oil
pine oil
cinnamon chips
five finger grass
john the conquer chips

blend in a base of olive oil
Psalms 16:11,23:3,25:4,25:10,119:35,119:105
Orange candle, use as oil, incense, bath crystals, landry
Papa Legba
Bury remains on property
sounded like Papa legba, and shouldnt one find out why there road is closed, sometimes if it doesnt work the wonder why or think the ritual wasnt good.sometimes we need to understand why/reason to keep it flowing. lov this information Tom.
Forgive me Thom, spell your name correct.


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