Just had to ask, has anyone here actually had contact with faeries? Was this accidental or intentional? How did it come about?

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Thanks for replying & sharing your experiences. I had given up on anyone responding to this topic. On your very first contact with them, would you say it was by chance or were you seeking them out?

Not with the fey as of yet.

Yes, very much so. I'll try your suggestions.

Love this info!  I have had a few encounters, and I always thank them when I am done with any ritual or magick I do with their help.  Big Hugs, Rissa

Wow Elf Seeker....What wonderful experiences! From the many books/articles I have read about contact with the Fey of any kind, it always seemed to me that humans have created such a wall between us in the last several hundred years that it would be so difficult to make contact. I've only recently become drawn to the Fey and you have given me a few examples of how to start.....thanks for the post! Hugs, Ianna:)

Fen what wonderful experiences! You are so blessed to have had them. I don't know how I would react if I actually saw gnomes at my feet, did you actually 'see' them? Just curious, obviously they are in your life, what a blessing! Last year I started seriously reading up on the Fey, I saged my garden, did a lot of drumming and singing around the new plants, invited garden fearies, placed a dish of cream in the garden and hung cute sparkly necklaces around....My garden had so much overgrowth of veggies/herbs I was overwhelmed! Will do the same this year, thanks for sharing such great experiences! Blessings, Ianna:)

Hi guys! I remember my encounter from a year ago. I was performing a ritual to invite the fae since at the time it was near Mid Summer. I had just started my year and a day so i was very new to ritual. Long story short, I remember meditating and seeing a glimpse of a blue haired fae. She gracefully flashed across the black canvas of my mind, she had braids in her hair. Upon some amature pendulum work Ive divined what I take on faith to be yes/no answers about our realationship. After building a fae altar and taking a few liberties such as assuming shes a blue wish Fae of the Earth elements.

During another encounter I invited her on a astral journey. I do worry that I lack certain protections but I believe Im dealing with the particular fae I invited, and interact like I would on any other one on one basis. anyway, as my imagination and energy mingled, she took on a taller form in white clothes of a shimmering look.(i think,hard to be sure at the moment) I remember as we flew and glided around the planet saturn.

the most physical realm encounter I had was one night while walking to my friends house. there were three of us and Drew saw a black cat, I wasnt sure at the time but I found it odd how well hidden the black cat was, all that really confirmed its prescense was a meow. I confirmed the encounter was a shapeshifted fae via pendulum divination.

I feel like my blue fae is always exspanding my perceptions of nature and loves to protect and bless my garden. (even though my dad does most of the work, I put my heart and emotions into the welfare of my favorite flowers.) Sometimes I struggle with Knowing if im on good terms, just recently I discovered my offerings need work. I also discovered fae dont really handle love spells or selfish ones. (or so Ive heard)

all and all Im proud to say I have a fae as a familar. I just wish I had a sign if my pendulum qeastions are giving me accurate info about my realationship with local fae, ive only been at this a year after all, my skills are far from set in stone. If you dont mind me asking, what do you think ElfSeeker?

Hello there,

My daughter is from the faery world. This is her first incarnation here. She has absolutely

no patience so I think she came to this 'slower' dimension to learn some (I think).

Anyways, my house faeries are always playing tricks on me. They love to hide my

credit cards and keys. I will look and look and look for them. Finally, when I ask them

politely to return them, they will be exactly the 1st place I KNEW they were!!!  They

are funny!!! Now, whenever I seem to 'lose' something, I just say, "Okay faeries,

I know you have it, please return it."  By the next day, there it is!!!

Despite being raised christian. The norse fae were not able to dissappear after christianity came to the country. Even today I know many who are raised to believe in them. So as I got older I could never stop believing in them. I just knew they were there, I have even written messages to them around Yule (Jul/Christmas) for their yearly meal. And got some nice answers back ^.^

There's plenty of fae in the forest and about 5 I know about on the property. Two of them sleep around the house for most of the year and would be what many know as brownies. Highly active during the winter time though.tusserogvetter.blogspot.com  is my recent blog about fae in general my first approach is towards scandinavian fae.

This past month I'm starting to remember that the fae might have actually taught me silent knowledge for a majority of my life. But at a point I "forgot" and then a triggered memory a few weeks ago. And all I did to clearify this was asking the chief fae in my area. According to him they have taught me a lot since I was younger.

In the past few weeks I was surprised that I was summoned by Gwyn Ap Nudd. I have never had any connection to him but out of the blue he met me in a dark forest where he told me I could borrow his hounds whenever I wanted. I didn't understand why he out of all had come to see me and tell me this with such a light nonsense voice. The next night I woke up in his castle, and he allowed me to wander around in the castle. Until I reached the library where there seemed to be something far back into my family. After a few days I was a bit fed up with his relaxed attitude, before he called me back to the same forest. He then looked at me seriously and said "I have known you and your family for a long time. You belong here." And poof he was gone >.< I still don't understand why he acted like that at all, but I haven't heard anything more from him either. Oh well this is some experiences

When my oldest son was about 6 I put him to bed one night. After a few minutes he began crying and called me to his bedroom. He had seen a small figure flying across his room above his bed. It scared him to death. He described "a little woman with wings, as big a a Barbie. And her clothes were 'raggedy' around the edges, and her face was scary" I knew NOTHING at that time about such things and tried to convince him he imagined, which he adamantly declared not to be the case (and considering the level of his fright, I can't help but believe he REALLY did see it) then I tried to convince him it was the tooth fairy (for lack of ANY explaination at all)-his reply was "then I don't like the tooth fairy anymore". He is now 34 years old and still vividly remembers this incidence. His description has never changed or faltered. He will tell you he definately did see it.

That is a really neat experience. Thanks for the story.

yes i have.... pretty much intentional...


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