Tales of the Ouija

HOW DOES THE Ouija work? Does it truly contact the world of spirits? Or does move in accordance with the expectations, fears, and desires - conscious or unconscious - of those who choose to place their fingers on the planchette? The Ouija might be more about the world of the imagination than the world of spirits. Yet this world of imagination, if allowed to get out of hand, can be just as frightening - even dangerous - as one inhabited by ghosts and "demons," perhaps with the ability to physically move objects as it messes with the mind, as you'll read in the stories below. You might also suspect that some of these stories could be purely works of the imagination (in other words, fiction) from excitable teenagers. I'll let you decide.


Since childhood I'd taken an interest in the paranormal and the supernatural. One Christmas my mother bought me a Ouija board. My sister and I were scared to use it, so I kept it in my closet for many years.

On the first day of spring break, 2012, my friends John, Jakob, Emmalee, and Dianna came over for three days. John's older sister, Heather, also came along and is a medium. We had a great time playing video games, cooking, singing, and dancing. It was about 11:00 p.m. and we were hankering for something to do.

Wanting to be a good host, I decided to whip out the Ouija board. Heather, being a medium, led the game. I felt eager, Dianna and John were skeptical, Emmalee and Jakob were scared something fierce. Heather asked for a spirit to come speak with us. I asked if shouldn't she have asked for a nice spirit, but she said it wasn't mandatory.

I then asked, "Is there a spirit who'd like to speak with us this night?" It moved to YES. I thought Heather moved it because she was the main believer, so I just played along. We took turns asking questions. We found out this "spirit" wasn't a spirit at all, but a sadistic, somewhat childish demon named Faheb.

John asked jokingly if Faheb wanted to drag him to hell. It said YES, since he didn't believe the planchette was moving on its own. He was proved wrong. I decided to challenge Faheb. "If you're so legit, Faheb, show yourself to us!"

Nothing happened...yet. The next night we were singing again and, to my fright, I saw on a mirror hanging on the wall, a vague, dark-deformed figure -- and it quickly vanished. I still wonder if that was Faheb. -- Emoni Black


This happened in the summer of 1985 in Pocatello, Idaho. My cousin, who was five years older than me, was visiting for the summer and we loved it. My brother and I both looked up to him and thought he was the greatest.

One night he was telling a group of seven of us about the Ouija board and how he and his friends would play with one and get creeped out. We all wished we had one and he, being an accomplished artist, said he would make one out of the back of a cardboard box and make a pointer as well. The next day he spent most of the afternoon drawing up a board and told us after he was done that we would use it that evening, since the spirits were more active at night then during the day.

That night in my parents' basement, we lit candles and gathered together to see if his board would work. At first my cousin and I took a turn with the pointer and started asking it questions. Of course, my brother and others got quite a laugh out of both of us looking and acting all serious, but we got no answers. Then my brother and his best friend Tom wanted a turn and they were fooling around with the pointer, saying they didn't believe in spirits.

Suddenly, the air got very cold and the pointer started to move. My brother thought Tom was doing it, but Tom insisted he wasn't. Everyone got very quiet and my cousin started asking questions like, "Are you here?" The pointer said YES. Then he asked its name. It spelled out INCUBUS. Then my cousin asked, "What's my name?" and the pointer spelled out RICK, which was true.

Then he asked, "Are you an angel or demon?" and it spelled out DEMON and we all started to get scared. My brother told Rick he was through, but the pointer went over to the word NO and that's when we all freaked out.

Then a very cold wind blew through the windowless basement and all the candles went out. We all started to scream and my cousin ran to the wall and turned on the light. When it came on, the board's pointer was standing up by itself. At that point, my cousin took the board and went outside to my dad's burn barrel and threw it in. That night we all stayed up and couldn't go to sleep.

The next morning my mom went outside to water her flowers in the early summer air and found the Ouija board laying outside her front door. She called us to get rid of that thing because she swore it almost tripped her when she went outside. We all solemnly carried it to the barrel, doused it in lighter fluid, and lit it with a book of matches. It had a very hard time burning. My cousin then decided we all should say the Lord's Prayer, so we all held hands. As we did - so we all swear to this day - that as it burned we heard screaming coming from the barrel! That was the first and last time I ever played with a thing like that. -- Alex N.


I am a former police officer, a line of work I held for a little over 15 years. This incident took place in the early winter of 1987 in Esterville, Iowa, in my friend Jack's apartment. Three misfit girls in our building brought over a Ouija board and began playing it in front of Jack and me. They were acting out scenes from a movie they saw that was about the Ouija and what it could do. They did not know that I had seen the same movie and I called them out on it.

They laughed and told Jack and me to give it a try. Jack is one of my closest friends. I trust him with my life and anything I hold dear to me; he does the same. Jack and I both looked at each other and said what the heck, we were going to show them that it does not work.

Jack and I were stone-cold serious that we were not going to mess with each other and that we were really going to try it. At first we asked some questions and nothing took place at all. We were about to call it over when I asked, "Who of all the people I know in this building will die first?" As sure as crap it moved. It did not totally form the person's name; it was broken somewhat. But we did learn it to be the name Terry.

Jack and I looked at each other knowing, that neither one of us did that. The next question asked, "Who was next then?" It spelled out JACK. Terry was the best friend I ever had, and over 25 some years I have never had that great of friend such as he. Terry was killed in a one-car accident on June 19, 1988.

Jack kept bugging me for years that I must have messed with the Ouija because he "could not die." I think he was supposed to have met death in 1992, according to the Ouija, but thankfully Jack is still alive. -- Xcop802


I am 14 years old and I have recently had an encounter with the Ouija demon, Zozo. My friend Kody invited five people to go over and spend the night at his house. He got a Ouija board a month ago and he wanted us to try it out.

When I got there, one of my friends, Koty, was already there. We went into the basement where the board was set up. We waited and joked around about Zozo, not realizing that things would get weird that night. Once Kaleb and Gavin got there, we started. I sat it out and let Kody, Koty, Gavin, and Kaleb do it. We asked if anyone was there. No answer. We waited for ten minutes, but nothing.

Then I felt a pressure on my shoulder, like somebody grabbing it. I started to shake uncontrollably. I couldn't breathe for a second, and when I could, I was sick. I ran upstairs, friends on my tail, and immediately felt better. I took a couple of deep breaths and told my friends what happened. We talked it over and decided to wait until the last person would show up.

When Logan got there, we went back down... and tried to talk to Zozo, but the only thing it spelled out was his name. Kaleb blamed Koty for manipulating the board and they started to argue. Koty kept yelling, "You want to fight?" and Kaleb responded, "No."

Once they settled down, the board responded to the fight - but not in English. Zozo spelled out LUPT, PAS, and IN SUS. Then was silent. We took the board upstairs and went to Google translate, typed in the words and to our amazement pas meant "step", in sus meant "up", and lupt meant "fight". We were shocked. It had said to Kaleb: "Step up and fight," but not in English, but in Romanian!

The board remained silent whenever we tried to contact Zozo the rest of the night. But we will keep trying. I know it's a stupid idea and he's dangerous, but that's the fun part. -- Trystyn


In the summer of 1997, I was 18 years old. I lived with my mom and sister in Ohio. One night my sister and I had some friends over. (My mom was in bed.) One of them brought along a Ouija board. I was always sacred of the dark arts. Also, it did not help that my house was very creepy. I lived there my whole life, and all of us experienced seeing shadow people, hearing voices, and things moving on their own. I always had this unnerving feeling that something malevolent was there.

That night they all wanted to play with the Ouija. I was the only one who wouldn't play. They begged me, and after awhile they figured out they weren't going to talk me into it, so they proceeded to play without me.

Nothing happened at first. As they kept asking questions, the cursor began to move. They asked it what its name was. It spelled out, EDWARD. They asked if it was a bad spirit and the cursor went to YES. At this point I thought they were making it move, but they all swore it was not them.

Then it spelled out my name. They asked "Edward" what he wanted with me and he spelled out, PUNISH HER. They asked why and it spelled out, SHE KNOWS. (I have no idea what that meant.) After that, I started to get upset. I thought my friends were playing a bad joke on me and I begged them to stop.

Then my friend Phil asked it to prove that it was really there. That was the worst mistake. Everything happened at once. The temperature in the room dropped about 40 degrees. It was freezing. The lights in the lamps dimmed to almost a flicker. I was sitting in a chair by an end table and no one else was near me. All of a sudden a stack of papers next to me flew off the table, flipped in the air, and scattered all over the floor.

Then it sounded like someone was throwing coins at the walls all around us. Everyone panicked! My sister and my friend grabbed a Bible and started reciting passages. I ran to my mom's room, woke her up, and told her what was happening. She ran to her dresser and grabbed a bottle of holy water. She went in and proceeded to bless the house... and immediately it all ceased.

After all was calm, we got scolded by my mom. It was really a wake-up call for everyone. None of my friends ever played with a Ouija board again. They were terrified of my house after that. -- Q T Pie


My friend (whom I call Ducky) was at my house for a sleepover. We got bored quickly, and, of course we're horror movie junkies. We biked to a Blockbuster and rented Paranormal Activity 2. After watching it - twice - we called our other friend, Bee.

Bee owns a Ouija board and seems to not be afraid of anything. Once, she and her sister were using the Ouija board, and when they asked the spirit for their name, the spirit spelled, DEVIL. Bee chucked the board at the wall, saying, "Take THAT!"

So we called Bee, knowing we could get some good stories out of her. Bee laughed when we asked her for more Ouija experiences. She invited us over to try it out for ourselves. Ducky and I had looked up true Ouija stories online and read about what they could do to ruin people's lives. Bee scoffed at our hesitation, saying, "C'mon, guys, the only way anything bad can happen is if we get a poltergeist. What are the chances of that? "

So we once again hopped on our bikes and headed over to Bee's place. She said her dad had gone out and wouldn't be back until about 3:30 in the morning. We went into her room, turned out all the lights, and started to play the Ouija. As soon as we asked if someone was there, the pointer zipped quickly to YES. We asked its name and gender, and the spirit said, FEMALE, 14. Immediately we thought it was each other giving that answer since we were all female and all 14.

I asked the spirit, "What year were you born in?" The spirit spelled out, "Alright, the chick's got me. I'm fifteen and full of masculine charm." Yes, a dead guy was hitting on us. We looked at each other and burst out laughing, accusing Bee.

We had all taken our hands off the pointer. Then Ducky noticed first. She stopped laughing and just stared, terrified, at the pointer, which had started to shake! We fell silent until I slowly reached forward and put my fingers lightly on the edge. It moved to YES. Bee asked what that was supposed to mean, realizing it was real since I had a look of absolute horror on my face.

I asked the spirit what his name was. He said, TREV. Bee asked when he died and he said, YESTERDAY. Ducky asked how and the pointer was still. We thought he had left. We took our hands off again and looked around like we didn't recognize the room. Then the pointer shook again. We stared at it, and as one, like we were hypnotized, we put our fingers on the pointer.

"Trev" moved it slowly toward M then continued until we stared at each other in shock. The last letters were U-R-D-E-R. Trev had been murdered. We asked who did it and he told us that he had been killed over money. His story was that at his high school there were rivalries, as at any high school. But this was different, because almost every guy at his school owned guns. He was no exception. A guy named Adam and he were fighting over a girl - Leah. Trev had finally gotten Leah's attention. Adam found them making out and swore revenge against Trev. He later murdered him and started "comforting" Leah.

Bee and Ducky started calling Adam very mean names. I called Adam a disgusting creep when the pointer started to shake again. When we touched it again, it spiraled in circles quickly, like Trev was angry. We asked what was wrong and it said the thing that scared us the most so far: "I am not Trev. I am Adam. I committed suicide when Leah refused me. I killed her before I took myself, too. Just for the satisfaction. And I swore anyone who took their side would pay. Guess whose side you are forever on?"

We all knew we had picked Trev when we insulted Adam. So I quickly whispered to Bee, asking how to banish a spirit forever, terrified Adam would hurt us. Ducky still had her hands on the pointer still, and Adam said, "I can hear you, Carmen." I freaked because he knew my name. Bee started saying, "It's not real..." over and over. Ducky picked up the board and threw it out the window, and I picked up the fallen pointer, trying not to scream, and chucked that too.

I invited Bee to my house and we biked there as fast as we could. We ran in, locked the door, and sat huddled in the living room with the blinds closed and all the lights on. We didn't get any sleep.

On Monday at school, wherever we went, lockers would open and slam. Everyone saw how scared we were. We barely made it to the end of the school day. Then we raced to Bee's house. We didn't go in, just looked around for the Ouija board. Ducky found it first. She called us over. Bee raced in the house, grabbing a lighter. I told them to wait, and led them to a stream by the house where we had gone swimming before. It was shallow, but I thought we could put out the fire before it burned any plants.

At first the Ouija board wouldn't burn. I thought it was Adam, so I called out, "Hey, Adam! It's me! Carmen! I've been thinking, and I'm on your side. Leah should have chosen you. I would have." I was lying. I swear I felt a cold breeze. Maybe it was just nature, but the Ouija board started to burn, as if Adam had been protecting it, and was now distracted. I was so relieved. Then I felt a sharp pain in my cheek and Ducky screamed my name. "Carmen! Are you OK?" I didn't know what was going on. Then Bee looked up from the burning board and screamed that I was bleeding. I saw red all down my shirt, my jeans, and on the ground. Later, when I looked in the mirror, I saw scratch marks - a final act of defiance from Adam.

The Ouija board was burned, gone. Thank the Lord. Trust me, never use a Ouija board. You'll only get hurt. -- Carmen J.

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