I was asked recently if I had any ideas of what would be good pagan toys for children. Usually with such questions I can  think of a few things right away, but this time I was stumped. So lets put this inquire out there in the cyber space on your favorite sites and see what people say. Thanks. Bright Samhain Blessings. Mike

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Are there "special toys" for Buddhist children? Or Jewish children? Shinto? Etc... The magic of childhood is that they absorb all of the world and learn from it. So, teddy bears, balls, action figures, any toy will do. --- Now, do you want to make a political or religious statement thru the toys you give your children? I don´t think that would be the best idea...

Yes, very true; childhood is magical. And there are such in other beliefs like the ""dreidel"", a four-sided spinning top, played with during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.
It's a matter of what we can provide for them to do during gatherings, festivals, sabots and for learning about the details.

So, what you want are activities for kids during the Sabats! In that case you can give a "pagan theme" to any traditional games or toys and you´re done! :)


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