This discussion is to place ads that are looking for the traditional pen and paper penpals.

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What you're looking for in a snail mail penpal.

DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS OR CONTACT DETAILS. People responding to your ad who are interested are asked to PM you for more details. Safety first! :)

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Name: Jennifer
Age: 31
Location: Colorado, USA

Likes: astral projection, tarot, written prayer, divination

What you're looking for in a snail mail penpal: I am looking for someone to converse with, share with, and become friends with. I am happily married so it is strictly friendship of course. But I am open from there. :)
Hello and Blessings,

I'm very interested in being a penpal with you. I too am 31. I am married and we have a daughter who turned one just after Yule and we are expecting our second due in August this year. I am a relatively new Pagan and actually follow a solitary Wiccan Path. This year I am hoping to fill some of my time learning more and meeting more people on a similar path. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then do take care and Blessed Be.
Would love to write to you. Add me as a friend and my addy is already on my page =)
Name: Sheila
Age: 44
Location: Alexandria, MN

Likes: Love crafts of all kinds, wood burning, mirror etching, sewing, working with clay, and many more; gardening, camping, hiking, being outside. All forms of Divination, tarot, runes, pendulum, dice, scrying, candle wax divination, and some others. I love to read and cook.

What you're looking for in a snail mail penpal. To meet others to share information with and become friends. People to share my beliefs with.
Since I am not smart enough to figure out how to PM someone, would one of you who replied like to exchange addresses via email or some other method? :)
To PM someone (Private Message) you click on their image/ picture. This will take you to their profile and there should be an option, just under their picture, that says something like "Send them a message".

But don't quote me word for word, that's just an approximation. :)

I hope people don't think I am being overly strict on the address thing. Its just, from past experience, as soon as you're address is public, you'll start to get penpal requests via snail mail from everyone and their cat! And this usually means those lovely letters (like the SPAM in your emails) saying they're a lost princess and your bank details to send you millions, want to be your friend but don't have a photo so need you to send them a camera to take one (yes I HAVE gotten a letter saying that), chain letters, etc.

I am open to discussion as to whether members wish to take that risk (put their addresses in their ads). My group may come across as strict, but I'm not really.... unless you're my daughter trying to ask for chocolate for breakfast.

BB - Banksia.
I think it is wise NOT to put our addresses in the group for all the reasons you said, and it just seems like a vulnerable position to put oneself in. :)

Ok, I see the "send this person a message" link under the pictures (duh, lol). Thanks!
I think it's totally reasonable to have that rule! If you allow people to put addresses up, somebody vulnerable who doesn't understand the risk may do it - the fact that you don't protects those who use the forum.

I must say though the chocolate for breakfast thing is a bit over the top!!! ;)
Name: Black Diamond (Catherine)
Age: 31
Location: Australia

Likes: Wicca, Solitary Paths, Tarot, Kabbalah, Divination

What you're looking for in a snail mail penpal.

I am married so I am looking for friends only but I think it would be very interesting to correspond with someone closely and share spells, do shared book readings and subsequent discussions from it. Just to find out how another lives their path. I am looking to share friendship and knowledge.
Hi Black Diamond. I live in the UK (am 32) live with my partner and three children, one of whom is Wiccan also. Would love to communicate with you should you so wish. Feel free to pm me for my address.

I'm new to this stuff - my name is Tina and I live in the US. I been a pagan for 4 years and a Wiccan for 3 and am still very much in a learning process. I would like to do the pen pal/snail mail to learn practices from other countries as well as make new friends. If you are interested then reply back and we can exchange the necessaries.

Thanks and MM

Tina -- MM I'd love to correspond with you. I'm a young at heart Crone aka grandmother who loves to chat about everything. You can find my profile her and contact me personally at Blessings Treddle


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