For those of you who haven't heard of a Round Robbin, or know it under a different name, this is where a parcel of themed goodies is passed on from person to person. If there is something in the parcel you like, you exchange it with something of equal value (and of the same theme) and then post it on to the next person.

Suggested Template:

Theme of the Round Robbin: example - candles, essential oils, teas, postcards, bookmarks, etc.

Round Robbin creators terms and conditions: as in, price limit of items, locations will post to, number of people wanted for Round Robbin, etc.

Again I ask that no personal details be given. People interested in the Round Robbin can response to the original ad and then the RR creator can PM them with further details, info, etc.

If this discussion is too confusing, please let me know as I am always open to comments, questions, feedback, etc.

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hello.. i'm willing if anyone wants too, thanks forevrgoddess
Hi everyone,

Okay, there seems to have been a miss communication about how a round robin starts. :) Its looking good so far, a lot of people have shown an interest. So all you do is.... start! :)

Someone decides to be the initiator, they then make up the themed package that's going to be swapped around. Its always best to come to a size/ price arrangement with the RR group BEFORE you begin to ensure all those participating know in advance the cost of the items to include, plus the postage amounts, etc.

The initiator then collects the names and addresses (in private) of the other members of the tound robin, chooses someone at random and sends the package. The package will include the list of names to tick off as you get it (the intiator being the last person to get it back... and, most times it includes a rough price list so everyone knows what to replace the items with.

Sometimes you can even use the online group as a way to say its been sent, and to who.

When it arrives, the person who gets it takes out what they like, replaces it with equal or greater valued items, ticks off their name and chooses the next person. And on it goes until the initiator is the last name on the list and gets sent the final package.

Usually I would join in, but I am so behind on my correspondance right now I'd be a poor starter. :( Maybe the next one as I'd love to trade pagan greeting cards, candles and som cute pagan stickers I came across recently.

Plus, being in Australia, the postage from here to the US is far less than from the US to here... so it wouldn't be that fair on the second last person on the list. :)

Have fun, I really do hope it works well. Even though I can't participate in this one, I'm just exicted all the same as its my first "pagan" round robin!

BB - Banksia.
id love to join the robin round how do i do that??? help im new!!!
I would love to join the round robin I am interested in that let me know if I can.
I've done this before and it's great. I'm in!!
Has anyone started one yet?


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