The international Pagan coming out day is May 2. Our group will have an informational booth at IUPUI for that event, from 11:00-5:00. I would love it if any of you would have the time and opportunity to join me at the event that would be great. I'd love it if I had several helpers throughout the day. Vendors are not allowed at the IUPUI event.

The event on May 7 will be take place at Broad Ripple park. If you have ever been to Pagan Pride day you know where the park is. Our group will also have an informational booth there, and one of our members is planning to have a vendor booth. I would appreciate help at this event also, as it also runs 11:00-5:00.

I hope that some of you will come out for at least one of those days. If you are still in the proverbial broom closet, maybe this event will help you as you meet new people. I also hope that other people are helped along the way to finding their path. That is the whole purpose.

Please let me know if you plan to be there either day, if you can. Or just show up!

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Good. I'm glad you will be with me at IUPUI. I am in the process of writing about what our group is and does so we will have flyers. I might get business cards; not sure yet. I hope others come out to help as well. It should be a fun day. And May 7 will seem like a mini Pagan Pride day!

Today, May 7, was the Indpls Pagan Coming Out Day. Andi, her daughter, and I took our stuff and set up for others to learn about us. There were more groups there than there were Monday. Tess and her hubby were there with a vendor table selling her beautiful jewelry. Angie came out for a while too. It was a good day but there weren't too many "newbies". Most people who came by the tables were already "out" and were visiting other Pagans. We had a handful of people come by and get our info cards. We were under a shelter in the middle of the park. Right after we got there it poured rain, then it mostly cleared up. And it wasn't freezing cold this time!
Thank you to all who helped me today.

I had a great time, it was my first real "outting" and can not wait until the picnic this weekend!

Met some great people, and even had fun playing cards with Andi's daughter!

Thanks Mona and Andi for all your effort for PCOD

For some one new to this journey like myself, its nice finding such nice helpful people! means alot!!

I was really glad that you showed up and happy you had a good time.


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