I am Innanna and I have all sorts of problems. My back is dicey after three back surgeries and I am on Percocet and Oxycontin for life. Unless they legalize marijuana and as an herbalist, I would SO much rather use a natural remedy. I can't stand the bullshit people spout about marijuana being dangerous! I'm on synthetic heroin, for Goddess sakes!! I can overdose on those, can't OD on marijuana, my bowels are all messed up, marijuana wouldn't do that, my meds. are addictive, marijuana isn't. However, even if it gets legalized, Medicare will not pay for it but they don't mind paying $700.00 for 60 Oxycontin that are killing me!

I have a wonky heart, my cardiologist wants to do heart surgery but I aint up for that.

I have mental problems (it's why I got disability), I have severe clinical depression and if I go off my meds, I am a wreck. I have what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder. Let me clarify on that, psychiatry says it is a mental illness, little pieces of a shattered mind. They are wrong on my case. My "alters" are spirits who help me. I know their past lives, I even have my father from the 1200s. They would love to talk to people but they know they are not accepted by most. They often talk to my therapist. You may decide for yourself if I am, indeed, insane or if I am right about my "alters". One of them is possibly an alter, though. He is not someone you want to know.

I have been abuse for most of my life, sexually, mentally, emotionally and physically. My current husband is the best man I've had. I have one divorce under my belt. I am a cutter if I get stressed and cannot use one of my coping skills. I go to the gym, I walk my dogs and LOVE nature, especially water! I embroider and I talk to my wonderful Pagan friends here on Pagan Space. I love being Pagan! It is the most joyful, freeing and invigorating thing there is! I am deeply spiritual and have many connections to the Other Side and Nature.

Ok, I'll shut up now. :)

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I enjoy my "DID" since my "alters" aren't alters at all. As long as I stay on my meds. I am usually fine unless severely stressed out.

Innanna, I have a question: Do you think that there is a certain part of the brain involving mental illness, that also houses the ability to engage in psychic activities? Am I making sense?

Sure. I don't believe that all schizophrenics are mentally ill. I believe that some of them are simply able to see and hear things that we can't but they are terrified because it is not "real" and they don't know what is happening or how to handle it.

My brother has schizophrenia along with other mental illnesses. Some of them caused by being in the service such as PTSD.  To me he's much more connected with the other side then most of my family. I am empathic & can feel/see/hear things (I have mental health issues also) & when he has a certain episode I sense something. My siblings are afraid of him when he is like that but I am not. We are more alike then the others.

I also use medical marijuana for chronic pain, and I agree that it is safer than some of the Opioid's they give to patients. And now Jeff Sessions is making us look like criminals again for using a herb that helps.


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