im not sure if i should be creeped out out or what but this number is constantly around me, is it a omen? alot of the time i look at the clock and it always has a 11 in it.

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I have this happen to me all the time as well. I have always wondered what it meant.
The number 11 in numerology means illumination or Spiritual messenger. So it's more of a good thing than bad. I wish I new more, but maybe you have an angel or something.
Technically the only "bad" numbers that I have heard about are 13 and 23, but not 11 so you should be in the clear :D .
why not try and find a numerology site and ask might be worth it
its a master number it means spritual angelic messneger i havei t in my chart I have good luck with fours but bad luck with threes i freakist crap happen it me with threes
there all around me.
This happens to me also. For years ive been keyed in with the time 11:11 & ive always wondered what this meant.

what if its reminding us we're all ,squared up, with/as being part of One Consiousness. Four sides of a box, that we all fit inside of, so to speak 1111. That's a very mathematical (unpoetic way to say it), ha , sorry, but it crossed my mind

I have an unnatural number of threes in the pattern my life has taken. This number pattern may be trying to tell you something.
I'm an 11:11 person myself...
I have found that when me or my wife look at a watch or clock we always see 123 does anyone know what this means, other than just a time of day.

 This has been an ongoing experience with me as well...have often wondered what is the significance of noticing the numbers...a message? 


I'm not sure, but I've heard it called "The Awakening Hour". Is it Spiritual Awakening??


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