I had a very vivid dream where i got visited by a Baku. (before i even knew what a Baku was) and i was more or less told its one out of three spirits that kind of latched on and have taken an interest in me a spirit animal of sorts. I tried to find any info i could on this spirit online but i could find very little info that could help me know this spirit better. I want to learn as MUCH as possible about this spirit in anyways that i can. So if anyone can help me with any info about this amazing entity and/or info about getting more in tune with spirit animals i would be very grateful! I would like to know as much as possible. 

Thank you very much and many blessings! - Jojo

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sacred-texts .com, try native American religions tab (then "

or you can google animal totems, it will tell u all about it bruther, I have always felt connection with eagles, that's just me though


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