I was at a very powerful local spot where I know spirits come and go. but tonight it felt like
I was being over loaded by everything I'm not sure if my sences were hightened or if there was just alot going on and it was too much for me. Any ideas

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But how do I I do that?

Thank you it does help I sadly can not truely put it to the test toningt the rain is to much for me to make a trip out so someplace where I might be in contact with those on the other side or from the otherworld. Oh Also I'm not interesting in being a paranormal investigato...anymore that is, i just like being agong the spirits.

I often get a high from a full moon, it's very odd.

I've heard someone else say that

"...spooky effects have been ascribed to the phases of the moon....But when the statistics are redone properly, the correlation with lunar phase always evaporates....Yet many sensible people—including police officers and emergency room staff—continue to believe otherwise." --Steven Strogatz photo 291503__safe_princess-luna_animated_moon_zpsa5d8498e.gif

When there is a full moon approaching it is like my senses go hey wire.  I get that overloaded feeling and my family lets me know that I am overloading them as well.  So I try to remember at the start of a full moon the three days before to preform some meditation and cleansing of myself and my chakras.  I also do perform my own version of drawing down the moon.  I do wish you luck and protection during this time.  I still am feeling it out for myself. 

we are for 80 procent water.and the mon has a great influence on water.the flod is caused by the mon.so u can immagine what effect it will have on us.and the word lunatic derives from it.so there u have ur answer.bb

now think of this, they say your body is like 60-70 percent water inside, hmmm ,'tidal waves "much?

sorry for the mistakes.i meant flood and moon ofcourse.blessu.and good luck in finding a paranormal group.

all I know is as a writer /philosopher, a ton more ideas seem to flow into me" at time

of full moon, not sure why, its almost like I cant write fast enuff, lunar inspired/? Lunesta?

ha, who knows, I like it though.

i tend to have too much engery during full moons. ive always been a night owl, but its literatly impossible for me to sleep during full moons and i end up having to take short naps throw out the day. odd colored moons have wierd effects on me too.. im either very antsy or very broody.


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