This picture was taken on Samhain 2015. This was our alter to our deceased ancestors and most cherished friends. We did a blessing told stories about them cried a lot, laughed a lot. Wrote down the bad habits we wanted to rid ourselves with so we may live a more healthy whole life. Burned it etc.. This Alter was one of my favorites so beautiful to me so I snapped a picture. Does anyone see what I am seeing? Looks like we had some attendees... which was what were were hoping for but looks like some "others" were there too! Tell me whatcha think and see, then I will tell you what I see. One of them is very exciting and touching to my heart! Did not know why I didn't see this before. Anxious for your thoughts! Look at the background.

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Im not sure if you are meaning the hooded looking figure to the rear left or the thing that could resemble a skeletal legs on the back wall or the thing that looks like a soldier in back wall on the right hand side.  Its a bit difficult to tell not know what you put into the display and what you didn't and what is a optical illusion of the surrounding area (like the skeletal legs could be a tree growing behind the wall)

Steve, The thing on the back ledge that looks like a skeletal leg is an antler shed. But right in front of it is a hand (looks like to me). Yes I see the hooded figure to rear left There was nothing in that area for display there or on the back right wall. The "hooded" figure to me is wearing a turban looking thing like my girlfriend wore while going through chemo when she was dying of leukemia. She is there behind the picture of her and I at her wedding. We had been friends since we were 12. She passed in 2012. Still trying to figure out who the "others" could be.

the hooded figure to me just looks like the type old fashioned monks use to wear but if it was someone you use to know, who has passed, it is quite possible they would show in a way you would recognise, but not immediately obvious to a third party who never knew her

makes sense! At least someone else saw the same things in this pix.. I still cant believe it took 6 months before I saw them! Just stuck out like a sore thumb a week ago.


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