I'd like opinions on a being I beleive is in my house. He likes to approach me just as I am waking from sleep. Both times I have seen him clear enough that I thought he must have been my brother being the same body shape/size. First time he took my cat out of the room so I assumed it was my brother but then my brother came in from outside...raising my alarm. Now last night he appeared over me again in my bedroom where I have forbidden spirit activity and pet the cat while she was laying on my hip resting. I am not sure if the fact he can enter my room which is blessed against spirits means he is harmless or if he is boldening. Perhaps this is a thought form I accidentally created?

A second problem I have is a child spirit who started apearring in my husband and my dreams. When we moved to a new home I saw it as a apparition during a bout of sickness. The apparition was very distraught saying my mommy is sick and running to me. Now yesterday I had a dream of the same event where the child's face was just eyes and a sucker mouth. This predeceeded the second visit from my shadow man. I am not sure if it is revealing the child as a fake or distorting the image to scare me. The dream child existed before the apparition and the shadow man so I wonder if something is just pretending to be him to stay near me.

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Often a child or someone/something that you won't find threatening is used first.  Its a stage of 'progression' to see what you will find acceptable and won't be afraid of.  Obviously the man image does not mean to harm you or he would have threatened you in some way.  This type of progression is often a part of the beginnings of shamanism.  You must have some members of your family, past or present, who experienced much psychic activity.  Someone who believed in dreams and their meaning, seers etc.  The type of shamanic activity you are describing follows genetic lines, it is not the kind that you can buy/learn for $50.00 etc.  There is the real thing and the wanna-bees.  Yours is the real thing so no drugs or alcohol are needed.  The 'man' you see will slowly progress/morph if you choose that term.  You are not in any danger but get ready for a truck load of experiences.  My advice is to never show any fear and don't give in and do anything that does not feel right for you.  You 'may' feel pressured at times to do one thing or another.  If it doesn't 'feel' right don't do it.    'They' already know you well,  just going to throw you around a bit.  But you aren't in danger physically.  View it as a real learning experience.

Hang on and good luck

Well said Raya I couldn't agree more. I think it would also be beneficial if you tried to communicate with this spirit it will probably help put some of your worries to rest.

Okay, for the thing that looks like your bro and has some sort of thing for your cat... How does said cat react to it? I'd say that if the cat's cool with him then he's probably harmless, but if not you may want to freak the fuck out. If he can imitate someone else's appearance he's most likely a shape-shifter of some sort, which again may be a cause for concern. It seems rare in most folklore that shape-shifters are beneficial.

I don't know much about shadow people as there are a few different theories out there, but I have heard that it's pretty common for the spirits of children to confuse living couples for their parents and latch onto them. Which may be the case if it's calling you 'Mommy'...

But like Wayne said, talking to any of said spirits and asking them what's going on is probably the best idea.

I agree with Wayne and Saulf about trying to talk to the 'man' but I think you should wait just a bit longer cause 'it' will most likely 'morph' again.  The child wasn't real and neither is the man. l I also have had the experience.  The 'it' that is trying to communicate with you is looking for something that you might accept, if you don't talk to the man it may morph into a cat or dog.  I went through all of the experiences you mention and many more and the end result was a 'voice' that plaintively cried that it "didn't know who or what it is".  This came to my many demands to know the truth behind the many forms that had been used.  I had to call an end to the communication though because I am accustomed to speaking orally not mentally.  This I realized could cause a major problem for me.  We have all witnessed people on the streets and buses speaking to someone, perhaps even turning their heads to look at someone that no one else could see or hear.  I couldn't allow that kind of communication for myself. 

If I had to do it again I would probably set aside a time and a place for such communication.  Perhaps in the shower with the water running, or a time when I am alone and only in a certain spot.  I don't suggest an isolated park as that could be a problem, but maybe if you are out in the backyard alone and it is a spot where you won't be disturbed.   I think you understand what it is I am saying. 

I don't have the communication anymore but was told that I didn't have the 'right' to cut it off.  I tried to make it understand but wasn't successful.  I do feel though that 'it' is something very, very ancient.  Eons in fact.  You will learn this from the communications and assistance you receive.   It can be very helpful in just about all matters as it 'reads' the others around you. I am truly sorry that I didn't set a special time and place for such communication but I just didn't think of it at the time.  If I could change this I would.  I liked the being/s but couldn't allow myself to start talking out loud at just any time and any place. 

Again, good luck to you.

Strange outcome here guys. The male figure and boy just kind of completely vanished after I did a simple sweeping out of negative energies. My psychic senses seemed to have closed down for a while as well..... then of course something new has to occur.

I got a new smudge stick and abalone that I tried out on my back porch step. It did not occur to me that I didn't really have an intent when I did it so I was essentially lighting a lighthouse beacon. After that I felt a presence in my back yard every night which seemed to be pacing as if it was edging closer. Eventually that energy enveloped my back hallway and within a week was into my front room. I was nervous just to be home alone. Eventually it expanded all the way into my bedroom this dark pressure. 

As usual I started having dreams, panic inducing sometimes overly sexual dreams. I caught glimpses during waking of a creature in my room. It was a native american spirit of some kind very similar in shape/make to the moth man. I am certain it was feeding off my energy and inducing bad dreams so it could gorge. I do have some sense of self in my dreams especially when presented with anachronisms. It got bold enough once to show that it was manipulating the dream after I corrected something myself and it doing so wasn't scared anymore.

Initially I just expected to correct the bad dreams so I slept with large tumbled quartz in my palm. The dreams immediately ceased and slowly but surely the energy I could almost see visibly fade back out over the same path it had entered. It even remained in my yard again for sometime but eventually went on to greener pastures I guess. 

Maureen - they will probably be back.  What has to be remembered is that it is your belief in crystals and smudge sticks etc, not everyone else's.  You don't need these items when dealing with the 'beings'.  They know what you are thinking and feeling.  If you truly don't want them in your life just be very sincere, not hesitant or in a panic, and just state right out that you don't want any beings in your life.  You can't use the term negative because it is each persons opinion as to if he/she is negative or not.  As an example I may call you negative but that is only my opinion not necessarily yours or anyone else's.    But by doing so you will lose out on a lot of assistance when you need it, because everyone will depart from you.

Again, I will suggest that you try talking to them.  If you don't know what to say then just sit quietly by yourself and ponder how you will go about this. Do this a few times.  You will receive the aid you want/need.  Remember what I said earlier about the 'ancient ones' and the 'wanna-bees'.   Its not really that hard to handle and the benefits can outweigh the problems.  

Each time you play with crystals and any of the tools you are opening up channels to them. If you want to close all channels then throw away any and all of your 'tools'  books etc and simply walk away. Don't peer into the 'unknown' or any esoteric knowledge, because someone just may peer back at you.  

That is how you get rid of it all.  But you lose in the end. 

Ty, for the reply raya. I do not want to close down my psychic senses. I do however feel I don't have the skills to control the situation when energies approach me out of no where with a few of them wanting to do harm. Most however are probably confused or bewildered hence their oppressive urgency. Your right though the term negative didn't really apply to what I was doing it's more of a sense of sorting out or transfiguring the atmosphere to predominately light energy. 

I was actually quite amazed by my most recent spirit because until now it had only been human deceased who visited me. Part of the issue is confusing what senses I have predominantly which seem to be clairsentinence and possibly clairaudience. It is when I clear see full forms which upsets me and causes panic. These are the ones who appear as solid as humans and usually can move objects. Honestly I've done too many things to say I only have one skill. Yet it seems to fade and wane allowing others to come to the surface when I do try to put it on the back burner. You are most definitely right that giving it up makes a person lose. I have saved a friend from certain death with premonition and also left my own body when my life was in danger. 

Some years ago I had my aura pictured and at the time I was a moody teenager not aware of the lasting implications. I recently discovered that my aura result is distinct to lifelong empaths which may be part of the reason I attract spirit. Yet another thing to learn about myself. 


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