Greetings- Last month I flew down to visit my son and his family for a few months. I'm still here. About a week after I got here my son who does not believe in the paranormal told me the family has been pretty freaked out lately and could I help. They live on an Army base and it's a new house and have lived here for two years. About a month before I got here things started happening. First, my granddaughter suddenly refused to sleep in her room, said she was getting night mares which was unusual for her (she's almost 7). Next, two very secured paintings crashed onto the floor one night. My daughter-in law told me she kept seeing a dark shape in her peripheral vision but nothing was there when see looked. Finally, they were all in the living room watching tv at night, there were several battery operated cars/toys on the floor that were all off. All of the toys started blinking, the toy cars started moving and lighting up, my son freaked out and turned them all off again. No sooner had he laid back down they all started up again. He picked them all up and put them away. The family was pretty shaken up. My daughter-in law is Hispanic and her family has definite beliefs about the paranormal. She thought it was a spirit in the house. She yelled at it to leave immediately and put a cross above her front door.

I thought about it, told them what I was going to do which I did. I had the kids removed from the house for a few hours. I greatly sensed that this was either coming from my granddaughter (something had attached onto her) or, her large deep closet was a vortex of sorts and something was affecting her. I've never had this experience before so I winged it. First I saged the hell out of the room, then I sprinkled a mix of charged salt and sage and sprinkled that under her bed, all along the base boards, cleared out the closet, did the same thing all the while demanding this negative energy to leave my family and house, to get out completely. I also invoked all of my ancestors and my granddaughters guides and angels to assist. I made a Chinese wash (vinegar, whole garlic cloves and chili peppers) which I made a few days prior and charged it. I completely washed down her closet doors, walls, her bed, everything. Finally I put layers of salt, pepper corns, bay leaves and a pic of her in a glass container (charged for protection) and put that under her bed. Oh-because of the strong Catholic influence in the house (my daughter-in law) I placed a blessed cross above her bed and one covering her closet doors and also sprinkled holy water that had been blessed. I know this is a long narrative, but lo and behold, when the kids came back into the house, the first thing my grand daughter said was,'hey grandma-my room feels so good! I want to start sleeping in it again' She had no idea of what I had done. I then saged both kids and the rest of the house, keeping windows open while I had done all of this.

There have been no incidences since. It's now been several weeks. Anyone have anything similar and if so, what did you do and was it effective?

Would  love to know, Blessings, Ianna:)

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Thanks for posting Tammy. Wow....has he ever been psychologically evaluated and/or really checked for Ashburger's syndrome? We now know that Autism has a very wide spectrum, ranging from mild to varying degrees of Ashburers (may be spelling it wrong) which has symptoms such as knowing no boundaries, cannot be sympathetic to other's feelings, poor communication skills, more likely to engage in drugs early, they make poor decisions, the list goes on. I highly recommend you make sure he does not have this or other emotional issues first. I sense your 13 yr old has something that has not been diagnosed yet. Keep us posted, investigate this first.....And of course keep cleansing his room! If there is something attached to him, it may be beyond your skills....check out anyone in the area who does exorcisms just in case, but my intuition is saying something has not been diagnosed and he may be flirting with alcohol/drugs and does not know how to handle what he 's dealing with.......Hugs to you my friend, Ianna:)

Woah, massive cleanse! Cool story though. :)

Great story and awesome approach. As a 15 year veteran of the Army most of that as a MP I have encountered some things like that. In my experience most milatary installations and the surrounding areas have a lot of paranormal activity most I have found are relatively harmless. It sounds like they were unlucky and ran into something nasty. I'm glad everything worked out.

i think you did wonderful job

i know your sons family is grateful for the help

I have had something like this happen and it was to my family.  We live in houses built in the 50's they were intended to be military housing since Wright Patt is just up the highway.  When they found locations closer to the base they sold the homes to the public.  In our house I was of course in heaven as a moody and brooding teen.  But, at the time I also was 2 years into my study of demonology.  I did not know much of my family history, or shall I say the women in my family.

About 3 weeks after I moved in things got interesting in the house.  Now my family moved in 6 months prior to me and my sister's told me stories of what happened.  I then witnessed them being attacked.  From one being pulled up the wall by her hair to the other levitating from the bed.  When we sat my mom down she took it all in stride.  Then picked up the phone made arrangements for my younger sisters to be taken to a friends and to my surprise called in my great grandmother and my grandmother.  They then came with 11 female family members all the "older" generation.  We can now say they were the crones.  They got to cooking and singing and it was the oddest buzz of energy.  I never understood why they called me their little maiden but it was obvious why the called my mother the mother.  We had 4 generations of women from Crone to Maiden and that night I was included in on a ritual. 

They cleansed the house while the three of us took up places around the outside.  Once the other 10 were out we laid down this brew they had made in the kitchen and sealed it up.  After that if something was in the house it never laid hands on us again.  Peace was about the place and my sisters just accepted it for what it was. 

I got to learn our female history at long last.  From watching my mom seal an angry entity in a room when we lived in Texas to how we cooked.  Nothing could beat the first hand history of being a witch would be.  My family to this day refuse to believe that their beloved elders were witches but those women that were brought into the fold just smile and nod when I stand my ground and then go out ghost hunting.

our own consciousness or collective consciousness such as in a family unit,

creates these image/energies/ anamolies
.,so you soothed their conscious , doing as you did., sounds like you did pretty good job.

    IN fact you could probably help others in the same way. They can rest easy now ,.nice.

sounds familiar, last incident i experienced of such, i did a similar cleansing , however, every place since has had minute anomalies that occur, much like on the first , ie flies in winter, missing objects, only to have them reappear, falling decorations- never around me though. which is why i am looking at this, both to reaffirm and explore options.

your cleansing may have to be a routine prophylactic, even if a; psychosomatic, b; a form a calming for a diagnosed MH condition, or C; a paranormal disturbance


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