these started showing up in the mirror a few weeks ago, and so did the small dark ones, they are not very big, but every so often you see them running across the floor. they all showed up after the snake. one night i woke up to something laying next to my chest in bed. I was not fully awake and reached down and petted it. my mind said , its just the snake go back to sleep. it took a few seconds for me to understand i dont own a snake. once i jumped up and cut the light on nothing was there. a few days later, I saw a large blood red snake go across my floor and vanish. sometimes at night i have heard a woman scream, or some one makeing that tick noise with there tounge. or someone yell for someone, and i would like to know if its all tied together. the owner of some land near by had all the trees removed. and you can now see several very old houses that should have fell down years ago. and something has started telling me i need to move far, away before its too late, and in my mind i can see a cabin, with a pump for water, a wood burning stove and three fireplaces one in each room and above each fire place is a mirror and each mirror is open to a different place and time.

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I have a feeling the two beings you have stated are two different things. The spirits are unhappy. Id say try to balanced the energy. But until you feel comfortable and safe with the whole thing I wouldn't suggest trying to figure out them. It could be that they aren't used to having a being that can sense them and acknowledge that they are real. That's just a guess though. I'm no psychic. 

I know this is late, but if you are still dealing with these issues I would suggest blessing some salt water effectively turning it to Holy water. It can be done easily with a few words yourself. Then spray it on the mirrors all the mirrors in your home because it seems they are spirits of the mirror and come from another realm on the other side of the mirror. This will stop them from getting in at night also to be sure I would suggest Smudging the whole house with sage. If both these steps fail it means these are not human spirits and they will be angry and unless you are strong enough to do direct spiritual battle with demonic entities its time to move or call on a Powerful God or Goddess such as Hecate to assist. I have had her rid my home of Demons when I could not handle them.


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