Roughly ten years ago my dog returned home from a walk without my dad. When he did arrive home he had an interesting story to tell me and i decided i would ask if anyone had any ideas what it was he encountered. He went into the woods with the dog, it's a walk we often have been on but i have to say i never liked it at night, often felt like i wasn't welcome. Anyway my dad heard high pitched chattering noises and noticed the trees were shaking, at this point my dog bolted for home. My dad told me he said 'it's ok fairies i mean you no harm' and then saw a bright white being walk out from behind one tree and dart for another. He said it was roughly 6 inches tall. Other than that he couldn't notice any other feature. I would like to point out that he wasn't drunk or on any illicit substances! He said he spoke to them more to stop himself from being terrified. Any ideas what the beings were? Although he only saw one he could hear the noises from all around like they were talking to each other.

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Hi Caroline.

I have no idea what it was your father seen, but I have to say that I think he can consider himself very fortunate, and accepted, to let themselves be viewed by him.  They have no doubt seen him before and know he can be approached.  This says a lot about your father.  What a wonderful experience.


I have only had one experience myself but it wasn't by little beings like that.  It was at around xmas time and my great grand daughter has an 'invisible' friend.  While buying the gifts to go around she told me that her 'friend' never gets gifts so I bought the friend a coffee mug like the kind I was buying my daughter.  I wrapped the cup the same way as I did hers and put her 'friends' name on it.  That night as I was getting into bed a 'being' such as I have never seen very audibly and physically quickly kissed me on the cheek and promptly vanished.  But it was truly beautiful and I have never forgotten it.  It had a brightly lit core and sparks like shots of energy were shooting out all around it.  Kind of like if you took the top off a sparkler while it was lit.  I don't know who these beings are either but like your father I consider myself very fortunate to have had the experience.



My dad always draws people and animals to him, something about him let's people/animals know he can be trusted so i agree with what you are saying. Your experience sounds lovely! It was really kind of you to get your great grand daughters friend a gift :)

he radiates a compassionate natural loving energy then, animals can sense it, ergo, their flight or fight response drops, that's amazing! he must be a Great dad!

Well I hope I didn't upset the 'entity' too much later because not knowing what to do with the cup I gave it to my daughter.  I'm not sure what to do with a gift that can't be taken. Perhaps its only the thought that counts in the end.

I think it was, and the fact you acknowledged it. A lot of people would assume it was 'just' a child's imagination.

Good day Caloline.  I have never seen the Fae, but I'm able to feel their presence when they are near.  If your father knows any instrument, he can play them music.  Leaving out butter, milk, or sugary things are recommended offerings, but there is the risk of enticing possums and raccoons.  Singing to them is just as good as any sweets.  I heard they love music.  Animals have a sense for spirits and such, I'm sure he will get used to being around strong energies like the Fae with time.  If you or he feels threatened, do not entice the entities.  Use discernment and trust your gut feeling about the situation.


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