Hello, everyone! Below I will be sharing my experiences (first by house, and then separate experiences that can't be categorized by house). I am eighteen and I will be starting around the time I was seven or eight. I live in New Bedford, Massachusetts. All of these houses except the last were built in 1910-1912. The last, my current house, was built in the early 1870s.

Briggs St: -Our bathroom door had a frosted window on it, and I remember taking showers and hearing knocks on the door and when I called out no one was ever there to answer. Occasionally, there would be a figure of a man in the window on the door but he would disappear shortly thereafter. 

-one time, again in the shower, my mom heard a knock and saw the figure in the door but thought it was my dad. When she got out of the shower moments later she saw that my dad was passed out on the couch on the other side of the house.

-the mail used to be dropped off in the front hallway, which wasn't used to get into the house. I was usually the one to retrieve the mail. I remember rushing to get it everyday because I felt like someone was watching me. You know, that tight feeling in your chest, the hair sticking up, etc. 

-at my brother's first birthday party, which was in the backyard, every single window, door, cabinet, and drawer in our third-floor apartment opened by itself. No one was upstairs.

Cedar Grove St: -on one of the first days we moved into this apartment, me and the son of my mom's childhood friend went into my room and were playing with this bouncy ball. We rolled it under my bed and it didn't make it halfway under before it shot out across the room. Since it didn't make it the whole way, it was not able to hit the wall. Even if it did, we didn't roll it hard enough to give it the force it needed to shoot to the other side of the room. 

-some days I would sleep in the living room. I would feel the cushions of the loveseat shake back and forth, but only the cushions, as if someone were doing it. We did live across from the highway, but it would not vibrate so much as to make the couch move, and l, again, it was only the cushions, not the frame of the couch. 

-My parents were watching a movie one night and the rocking chair shifted as if someone went to sit in it. Then, the strings on the blinds behind that chair swung far out as if someone batted at them, but then stopped like they grabbed it.

-one night around ten or eleven my mom's friend left, and was taking an extra table we had home. My dad went downstairs to help her load it up when my mom and I heard noises from my brothers' bedroom, which was right off of the dining room. We saw toys flying across the room and I immediately started freaking out. 

Shawmut Ave: -my mom and I got a picture of this tall figure smiling in the basement.

-things, usually rings or other jewelry, would always go missing and were never found

-I used to cook with my headphones in. I was washing dishes and turned the water off before turning around toward the counter. When I turned back toward the sink, the water was back on full-blast. 

-My mom and I were sitting on the couch one night. She was watching TV and I was listening to music. I heard a young girl say "I love you" as if it were right in my ear. I waited a bit and asked my mom if she heard it too, without saying what it was. She said she did and described it to a T.

-I used to feel like something was there when coming up the stairs from the basement or passing by my brothers' bedroom. 

-My mom saw the figure of a tall man walking into her bedroom out of the corner of her eye. My dad wasn't home. 

-My mom saw a white mist in her room in the middle of the night in only one spot, which was in front of the door connecting her room to my brothers' room. It was in midair. 

-I woke up one night and felt like someone was in my room but it wasn't threatening. I looked behind me and of course there was no one. I laid back the way I was and I felt something tap on the side of my knee three times. I looked yet again and no one was there. 

-there were always little bangs coming from the dining room and my room. 

-My mom heard someone moving around in my room one day when she was home alone, so she went in and took pictures to send to her psychic, who said that there was a boy, about seventeen (I was at the time as well) who was there and he'd wait for me to get home from school. She said he was in love with me. We used to walk in the cemetery all the time so I wasn't surprised one of us brought home a friend. 

-When my boyfriend moved in, that's when stuff got more active in my bedroom. My restless legs syndrome, which hadn't acted up in years, flared up again and I could barely sleep. One night he got up to use the bathroom and my whiteboard fell forward onto the floor off of my bookcase, which could only happen if someone pushed it. Another night, Matt was using the bathroom again when my window, which was very securely propped open with a thick chemistry textbook, slammed closed. 

State St: -this is my current house. I always hear little noises. My shower caddy fell off the wall by itself, which us possible, but it wasn't loose and the suction cups are heavy-duty, and there still isn't much in it at all. 

-My RLS is acting up yet again. 

-I always see tall figures out of the corner of my eye, and it even blocked the light streaming in through my bedroom window as it walked by the other night. 

-I've had two instances of sleep paralysis, which I've never had before moving into this house. The first instance, I woke up on Matt's shoulder and I couldn't move or speak. I felt like someone was in the room, angry with me, like it didn't want me to get up. I was terrified. I tried screaming until I finally got a squeak to come from my throat (because I couldn't open my mouth), and that was what woke me up. The second time was just a few days ago. I woke up with my face buried into the pillows. It was so hot and I couldn't breathe (I have a shallow lung capacity so it's hard for me to breathe if there isn't fresh or cool air, and for that reason I don't sleep on my stomach or bury my face in pillows). It didn't feel like anyone was touching me but I got the distinct feeling that someone was trying to hold my head there so I couldn't breathe. I was terrified yet again and tried screaming and moving. Eventually I got my foot to move, which woke me up.

Not location-related: -ever since I was little I would dream about stuff that was going to happen and then forget about it as soon as I woke up, only to remember as it was actually happening. 

-For a span of a few months in the end of 2014, I kept seeing the same numbers over and over again. The ones I saw mostly were 1234. License plates, online, phone numbers. Every time I looked at the clock it was 12:34. I didn't get a strong urge to look at the time unless it was that time, or I believe 11:11.

-I currently live two blocks away from an old armory, which was once featured on TAPS. We drove by it one night and I saw a hovering blue light in one of the windows, almost like an orb. They have since boarded up all the windows. 

-there is an old war fort, Fort Taber-Rodman in the south end of the city, next to beaches, that we can walk through, and some batteries that we're not supposed to enter but we do anyway. When I used to go in there I would get an overwhelming feeling. There has been proof of the batteries being haunted. 

There have undoubtedly been other experiences I've gone through that I cannot remember at the moment, but these are the ones I can think of. I'll be sure to update if any others happen or if I can remember more. Until then, have any of you experienced any things like these? 

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