My 2 children, my partner, & I share a house with some friends, & there is at least one spirit hanging about. Thus far it's been careful to be vague about manifestation, preferring to stay out of my direct line of sight. I see it as a definite adult human figure out of the corner of my eye. Its first manifestation was about 2 weeks ago. I was in the living room with my children, & saw a figure come in the open patio door, through the kitchen, & out of sight. I assumed it was my partner, but was disillusioned 5 minutes later when he called me to report that he'd be another half an hour on the road.

Its second manifestation, I was walking through the kitchen & caught a figure outside, standing with arms akimbo in the patio area. Of course, this figure disappeared the minute I turned my head to look at it directly.

Both these manifestations have occurred in broad daylight with no one but the children & myself in the immediate area.

It has yet to approach & pose a physical threat, but it's made me psychically uncomfortable. For weeks, I've been shown waking visions (complete with soundtrack) of horrid, violent things happening to people, children included. The typical symptoms of a negative force are present (constant sensation of being watched/followed, & disturbances in dreams). No, I haven't been watching horror movies, I don't watch TV, & the current book I'm reading is a work of teen fiction about mermaids.

Does anyone know how to politely get this spirit (or spirits) to move on? I have to be discreet as well because this isn't my house, & I can't walk around putting salt water & cayenne pepper (my usual MO) on someone else's things. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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'They' aren't going to hurt you or your children.  You have been selected because there is something special about you and you are open to them.  I have gone through the same thing myself and know others who have also.  They are giving you 'glimpses' of themselves wanting to know if you will talk to them.

Yes, what you are being shown is bad.  They are letting you know that -that is what they witness on a daily basis.  They hear the cries and screams and in having you witness and hear it also they want to know what your logical and emotional feelings are about it.  They essential want to know if you 'care' or just brush it off.  As an example I was speaking with a physician one day and got talking about the shortage of food and water in one of the 3rd world countries.   His remark to me was "Its on the other side of the world and has nothing to do with me, I don't care".  Needless to say I was a little shocked to hear a healer talk like that.  Well this is what 'they' want to know about you-how do you feel about things.

They are real Apsarah.  They have watched you and listened to you now want to probe a little deeper to see what you are worth. Are you all talk and fluff or worth a medal.  Don't be afraid - just go for the ride so to speak.  You will be tested on a number of things yet.  Don't freak out but seriously consider if it is something that is really hurting you or not.  An example may be telescopic vision.  Both my friend and I experienced it.  But where I thought it was really amazing and interesting she started screaming, threw her cat out the 12th story apartment window and had herself committed into the mental hosp.  She remain on meds till this time and it was a number of years ago.  Needless to say she isn't medal material.  This I what I mean about something 'really' hurting you.  You don't get to keep the telescopic vision but how you handle it that counts.

Please stay in touch and if I can help at all I will. 


Thank you so much for your time replying, Raya! I'm still kind of walking on eggshells, but I will take your advice & have a talk with them. Have you some suggestions for learning what it is they need, & what could be done about it? I'm not especially good at this with beings outside my own ancestors & familiar spirits. 

Yes, it is indeed unfortunate that a healer would express that kind of sentiment. Perhaps he's the kind of person who has to say he doesn't care because caring & seeing nothing positive being done can be so hurtful & depressing...

I'm not a callous person, & if there's something I can do from my end for these spirits, I'll be happy to help. Would it help at all to open communication with an offering of some sort? Liquor or a snack or both? 

I don't know about food and drink but you can try.  I do know that at least some of them like wrapped up gifts.

It is a bit complicated Apsarah because I don't who you are dealing with exactly.  There is one group split in a couple of groups and another that is solo.  I can't know unless you stay in touch on a daily basis.  There is one bunch that has a very short temper and another that is so totally lovable. 

It's very important that you realize though that you must never show any fear regardless of what is threatened or done. 

I need to know also if anyone in your family has practiced any form of psychic abilities, etc card reading or tea cup reading, a believer in dreams etc.  Even if its a couple of generations back. 

Please stay in touch - and remember show no fear and be honest because all of them can sense your feelings and know to a great extent your thoughts.  By all means talk to them - but since you don't know what bunch you are talking to only obey if it feels right for you.

What kinds of gifts should I give them? I've only ever given spirits food offerings...

I have been a Tarot card reader for perhaps 5 years now, & my mother (even though she won't admit it) is a bibliomancer--she opens the Bible, & wherever her eye falls, it's what God is trying to tell her. My grandmother (she passed on 2 years ago) had precognitive dreams, & could tell who among her bloodline was sick, pregnant, or dying.

As for the spirits, group or solo, I'm trying not to be afraid, but I do get edgy, & feel watched, especially after everyone's gone to bed, & IK no one is actually walking the halls, or sitting in the living room...I haven't been directed to do anything in particular quite yet, but I've been keeping my "ears" open.

If you feel secure about offering food apsarah then offer them food.  Make it specially for them with that in mind.  If you are fortunate you will find the most beautiful beings offering you food also.  But remember, there are others also that will try to sully what is beautiful - just ignore them.  The fact that they like gifts I had stumbled on accidently one xmas. I will never forget the reward or the one that gave it to me.

It is your line that is being followed apsarah, your genetic line especially from your grandmother. Not all in a family line are 'chosen' and sometimes it skips generations.  If you have siblings you may be the only one chosen for the full initiation.  The others will have smatterings of psychic abilities, or it may be that one of your siblings has the same things going on in his/her life but stronger than yourself.

What animal did your grandmother often dream of?  Perhaps she told your mother before she passed. 

The group that is split in 2 plays good guy vs bad guy, but same group.  The other is ancient - coming down to you from before recorded time.  Only your very thorough contemplation of information coming from all mentioned will let you know who is who. 

Don't worry about being watched, just let them know that you are watching them also- their movements and methods.  Please stay in touch

Leaving gifts for them sounds like a great way to weed out the beings with other intentions. I'll try both offerings, food & gifts.

My grandmother dreamt of eating whenever any female of her bloodline was pregnant. The details about which female precisely, however, she unfortunately kept to herself, but she always knew. When someone was in danger, she dreamt of a single dog--plain brown or black--that would follow her around. For every time she looked back at the dog, the dog would grow. She told me once of this dog becoming the size of a house, & this was around the time of my mother's first marriage. She'd met this man while attending college in California, & he was an extremely jealous & abusive person. He put my mother in the hospital multiple times. She wouldn't confirm my grandmother's dreams until after her very last hospital visit--he'd broken her jaw. She finally told my grandmother about everything, & that she needed to fly home to Hawai'i.

I will try the gifts & food, & I will keep everyone posted. Thank you again! 

I would like to add to this discussion. Please remember that you are in control of what happens to you. If it is too much for you to handle, you can tell them to back off. We all have what I call "natural authority" which means you can take control of your gifts. If you don't want them to be putting images in your head, you can tell them that you have heard what they are saying, but it isn't helpful information and they need to find a different way to communicate. There are many different types of spirits (just like there are different life forms on the physical plane). Not all of them have your best interests at heart (just like not all people can be trusted). Having good personal boundaries, both in your life with other people and on the other planes with other spirits, goes a long way to giving you credibility on having natural authority. I agree that you should not show fear, and there is nothing to be afraid of. Nothing can hurt you, unless you give it permission to do so. If you are going to attempt to communicate more directly with the presence, cast an active circle around yourself before you do so. Depending upon your experience and your particular path, of course. I now use the invoking pentagrams of the five elements. The four around me (earth, air, fire and water) and the fifth above and below me (the spirit, ether or akasha depending on your path). This will also show them that you know what you are doing and aren't going to permit any shenanigans.

I would like to help them if I possibly can, but I will definitely try to communicate with them from within the protection of a circle. I usually cast circles or indicate protected spaces with salt water. I'm sure I can get away with putting just a little on our walls, floor, & ceiling, then opening up a (restricted) channel for communication. Since first posting this here, the manifestations haven't gotten worse, but they sure haven't gotten better. My boyfriend experienced a bit of a scare in his sleep just last night. When I could finally wake him, he was crying & babbling nonsense, & reported feeling choked & dragged by something large & unknown to him.

I apologize if I've led you to believe in any post that 'they' need your help, none of them do apsarah. Its 'your'  inner strength, standards and morals being tested not theirs. 

But its worth remembering apsarah that before anyone can really give you any kind of advice its imperative to know what path you are on as there are many.

As far as your boyfriend is concerned remember that what happens to you will affect him to some extent.  When he goes to sleep the problems and thoughts of the day and current events will influence his dreams/nightmares. 



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