What is the scariest paranormal experience that you have ever had, or at least that you feel comfortable enough to share?

I would have to say mine was a full apparition, or specter, that decided to cause havoc for me, my ex, and my best friend. It literally and physically moved things, opened and closed doors, and manifested itself in plain sight of us to put it very simply! Has anyone else had a similar experience!? This was by far not the only paranormal experience of entity that I have run across, I have a shade that tries to stay attached to me as well, but I have to say that night back in north carolina almost 10 years ago now was the scariest of all.

Would love to hear your guys stories!

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ive had a few really scary run ins with spirits, but most times its not too bad. ive posted about some of them in this group b4. but i'd have to say the scariest one of my life was when me and my ex where driving back home to cali. it wasnt the spirit that was being scary though. i got this terrible feeling that something bad was going to happen if we kept driving. my scenes or something powerful kept screaming at me about danger and i literatly broke down with tears and begged my ex to pull over. we stopped at a inn for the night, but the next day there was a ton of traffic leaving the small town we stopped at. there had been an accedent and a van had got ripped apart by an 18 wheeler.. they had a small child with them. i saw the car seat as we passed them and then the body bags.. two adult sized and one very small. i cried for the next two hours and thanked what ever warned me of the danger because that could have been my little girl under that tarp.. i feel bad, dont get me wrong, but as a mom i was very relieved that wasnt us.

My scariest experience had to be when I was around fourteen, I went to sleep as normal on a perfectly normal weeknight. I entered a dream at some point where I was walking down a stone paved road in a very primitive looking town where the buildings were made of mudbrick and whitewashed. At some point I turned a corner and realized I recognized the woman walking down the street ahead of me. When I started moving toward her she started running, I raised my hand and called out "Mary" and she turned. It wasn't Mary, the thing suddenly in her place was smiling as it rose from the clothes it had been wearing and billowed out in a huge cloud of black smoke. It told me it wasn't Mary, which I had figured out by that point, and started laughing. I cowered in fear, so terrified I couldn't move or speak. I prayed in my head for help and something took hold of me and lifted me from the dream by my shoulders. I woke up screaming and wasn't able to be comforted until my grandmother had the house blessed.


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