How do you know, if your pendulum gives the correct answers ??? I ask yes and no questions...My pendulum, usually goes back and forth for yes and side to side for no, except when it comes to matters of the heart...I have noticed that it goes side to side for yes and back and forth for no...Does anyone else have the same type of thing happen ??? Or am I just off the

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is there anything i can do to keep emotions out of it???
The pendulum is just a tool. The real question should be do you trust yourself and your guides?
Mine never stays back and forth... it always swings circles. It seems that clockwise generally means yes, and counter no. The problem is when its slowing between questions, it gets confusing!
No, I don't trust my pendulum at all. This has happened to me countless times, and when it does decide to swing the same direction it previously has for answers to other questions, I still have a hard time trusting because I can never know if I'm subconsciously swinging it, giving myself the answers I want to hear or if the doggone thing is haywire, so I don't even use it anymore. Sometimes I wonder if its the energy around me or what energy I put in, and other times I think that it may be because its giving me a sign that I may not be able to work it that day. Sometimes it swings and other days its completely still...for whatever reason, so I just gave up.

Such a shame too. I haven't used it in years. I've even thought about giving it away. I do remmeber that not all tools are easily worked for everyone. Some are good with the board, others tarot cards and some of us have visions. I've chalked it up to the possibility that it may not be a tool for me to seek true insight from. So I have to are NOT alone in this one, lol.
Not at all, really. I tend to think about the answer too much and end up influencing the swing.
Generally when I dowse and I am in a calm state of mind and don't try to force the question I tend to receive wonderfully trustworthy answers.
This is hard for me as a person, because of my empathy for people or anything living.
I have to try real hard to disconnect my psyche from what I would like for the person/me and try to ask for the answer that has the most truth or is for the greatest good for the questioner.
For example, my cat has been missing for at least a month now and my sister has asked me to dowse to see if he is still living or at least safe wherever he is.
My emotions and hers are very charged in this situation, so much so that it confuses my pendulum and the readings are conflicting.
I have come to the conclusion that I cannot dowse for this issue myself and have asked for the help of some outside parties.
What do I do to keep my emotions out of it?
I have tried to meditate and will only dowse if I am relatively calm and relaxed emotionally.
This is really hard for me personally and only made harder if I am with the person asking questions and don't shield properly.
Meditation and having an open outlook also help.
Hope this is helpful in some way!
I find that when my pendulum switches how it answers around, different guides are working with me. I have multiple pendulums and rarely do they act the same.

Just my thoughts!
Merry meet everyone!

I am a fairly new pendulum user. I use an ameythyst pendulum. At the very beginning, I chose that the side to side motion was for No and the back and forth motion was for Yes. There have been times where I will get one answer, then when I ask again, the answer is different. When this happens, I usually ask the question one or 2 more times. When the answer is consistant, then I know (or believe) that I've gotten the right or true answer. Again, I am new at this and so far have only used the pendulum for myself. When I am more skilled I will probably do readings for others.

I am curious about something. I was using the pendulum today and as usual I call my spirit guides to be with me. then I ask if they are there and usually get a Yes. Today though, when I asked I got the No at first. I asked if I should wait-Yes. Ok.. after a few moments I asked if all my guides were with me-No. Were some of them with me?-Yes. Should I continue the session?-Yes. So I went ahead and asked my questions. It took about an hour. Afterwards, I felt drained of energy. I hadn't felt this before and am just wondering if anyone else experienced this. I took steps to protect myself (cast a circle of protection around me in my mind before the session and cast a shield of protection around myself).
Perhaps I was really intense during the session or maybe it took more energy because not all my guides were there? I would appreciate any ideas or thoughts on this.


Blessings and Peace,
Isadora Fae
mm, all. when i use a pendulum, i always ask it a question i know the answer is yes to(like my name is...) and a question i know the answer is no to(like do i have a green face..). this way i establish which way it will swing for either answer. it will vary each time i use it. i mark the paper underneath it so i can keep track of the yes and no swings and proceed with my divination. also, prior to even beginning a session, not only do i make sure i am rested and in a good frame of mind, but i smudge myself and all who will be participating as they come in the door. also put salt across threshold of entryway so nothing bad comes in and have a little prayer to the goddess i use asking for only good spirits to come through my pendulum.

i am also a reike therapist and i use my pendulum to check chakras to see if they are open or not and when doing this, i will get a circular motion, in either direction, to inform me of what i wanna know. so it all depends on what i am using it for that determines which movement i get from it. i have never had a circular motion during spirit work and never a swinging motion during chakra work. hope this is helpful to you all. BB. )O( terri.
Hello everyone. I'm glad that I found this group. I have been very successful using my pendulum. I have an amethyst pendulum and I have a pendulum that is kind of a locket. It has angles around the outside of the pendulum. In the locked I have put some amethyst chips, and a small Kabbalistic prayer scroll in Hebrew.

As I stated previously I have been very successful using the pendulum. The one that I use the most is the angel pendulum. It seems to respond better than my amethyst. I have found many lost objects and accurately predicted the sex of my sisters baby and a co-workers baby. Two of my co-workers were skeptical so they decided to give me a "test". They hid a dollar bill while I was out of the room and my task was to find it. And yes, I found the dollar bill. Using the pendulum has been an amazing tool and I have even used it in conjunction with some of my tarot readings.
I don't trust my pendulum (or necklace currently) to give me the right answers all the time, though maybe it was what I was using it for. I tried it once on a test in class, gave me only 50 % correct.

It shouldn't be fair though that I loose faith in dowsing just because it didn't do what I wanted to do, naturally it is so wrong to try to pass a test through divination, so it was more me being unfaithful to the pendulum (again, necklace currently).


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