Personally I have found ALL pendulums I have come into contact with are very willing to work with me and give me definite answers. I know this doesn't happen with many others, my sister can't seem to find ANY pendulum that will work for her at all.
I always ask if they want to work with me on a scale of 1-10, how well they will work with me on a scale for 10, Whether they work for the light and whether they will work for my greatest good.
I ALWAYS get positive answers to these questions.
I know it might be our personalities/spiritual vibrations or maybe I'm just a good picker but I just would like to hear your comments.

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Angelite? I'm not familiar with what that is...Mine is Turmilited quartz, I think, its the one that has white quartz with streaks of black in it. its supposed to be a very powerful stone. Recently I think my pendulum has been pissed off at me, I hadn't been taking good care of it. That's when it was giving me strange answers. Once I got it its own bag and was taking better care of where I put it, the answers became reliable again. I don't know how this would help your situation but...its just an interesting thought, no?
5 for me once, but it was more my fault, for I was depending on it to give me the answers to a test in macroeconomics, 5 out of 10, whose fault? Mine, hands down.
I've never had an issue with any pendulum I've come into contact with either. :) I'm not entirely sure why, but, that's just how it is, haha.


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