Alrighty,  It's 2018 and lets get this list started again!

Please list your full address, if "pagan" markings are ok on the envelope.  If you want your witchy name to be used or your mundane name.

If you been extremely busy since like forever.....please feel free to update your address that we can write you at.

Above all, have a good time and try to remember to write to each regularly.  It doesn't have to be weekly (unless you feel the need to).

Remember, life does happen to all of us.

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I'll go first.  I know I was bad in the past, but with a new year comes a new beginning.

Terri Paul or LadySorce

25844 S. Clayton Ave.

Claremore, Okla.     74019

Drawings are welcomed as well on the envelope or the letter. ;)

Hi my name is Suzette and I have been away for several years. I am ready to go all in! I love writing and would love to have a pen pal
Please include me in your list
Suzette Grey
450 Dick Road
Apt A3
Depew, NY 14043

I am new to the group, so I don't know where to get group addresses here, but you can add mine and call me whatever you wish to lol

Raven Pegasus or Karol Monroe

1804 Sutton Ave. #3

Cincinnati, Ohio


I fell off writing in the past, but I'm ready to send out some letters.

Rachel Mohan
13223 Dalwood Ave
Norwalk, CA 90650

Pagan stuff is fine. Neighbors already know I'm odd.

it takes me awhile to write back but I will get back to you.

Marie Wade

5368 E. Collier Rd

Acampo,CA 95220

markings are fine

I have been really bad about writing. Starting this Spring am hoping to get better. I have one letter to get on writing as I got a letter just recently from a pen sister. 

Jeni Arndts

409 S. Clinton St.

Albion, MI 49224

Markings are fine.



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