Hello dear sisters,

Please write your new addresses here. The ones that are in the first group you are fine there unless you change your address. We will start a new one every two years and I will try to go thru the first one and get rid of the addresses that do not work anymore and try to keep better track of it all.

Please don't forget if you can have markings on the envelopes or not.

and have fun writing to each other..

Love and light your way,



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Hi Nichole...

I think when I was on Pagan Space back in January of this year, you and I exchanged addresses and I sent you a letter and you sent me two (the most recent being a couple of weeks ago).

I am writing to let you know that I did in fact get your most recent letter. Thank you so much! Not to talk bad about my husband - really, he is a nice guy - but he does not know I am on Pagan Space now or then. He usually is the one to check the mail so he wonders how I know someone from NY. I like to be impeccable with my word, which means lies, half-truths, and round-about stories and excuses make me feel uncomfortable.

If you would like to take our communication to the email level, then I would be most honored. I sent you a Friend Request because it wouldn't let me send you a message otherwise. I can still write a letter to you if you like receiving letters in the mail, it's just that for my piece of mind I need an email to me.



Hello Everyone,
My address has changed:

Beth Mulcahy
2730 NE 83rd TERR.
High Springs, FL 33643.



I have moved to a new location and trying to get back into writing. I'm not on the internet much, other than raiding pintest for ideas. Hope everone is doing well and look forward to getting back in touch. 

My new address is  : 4100 SW 31st Dr. Apt. 26 Gainesville, FL 32608


I  to prefer not to put my address on here. If you would like to be pen pals send me a message thank you. Markings are fine.

I still love writing and receiving snail mail. My address is also the same, and pagan markings are just fine. My address is

6200 Riverside Drive Apt 537

Metairie, LA   70003

You can use my wiccan name or mundane name, which is Debbie Sevin. Love and Light to all xoxo

Alaska Raiyne

422 1st Ave

Aberdeen WA, 98520

Here is my new adresse

Sct Joergens Park 10 st th

4700 Naestved



My address is 6200 Riverside Drive  Apt. 537

                   Metairie, LA  70003

Pagan markings are fine.

Luna Fire (Candi Largo)

65227 state hwy 74

mountain center, ca. 92561

Its been a few years since I have had pen pals but I am ready again! I live on my husbands reservation with my husband and 2 beautiful daughters. I will  write anyone back that writes me :) I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so if I am having a bad day it might take me a few to respond but I will respond. Markings on the envelope are welcomed! I love seeing all the unique craftiness.

I feel like an odd witch out! LOL Seems on list 2 I'm the only Canadian.

I have posted this in the past but I've been away a while (long story, write to me and I'll tell ya ;) ). But I am back in a place where I can afford to penpal again.

I don't have an issue with markings or use of my pagan name on my letters. Keep in mind I am just getting to a place where I can afford to penpal so it might take me two weeks to reply once I get a letter (plus reply postal time).

Anywho! Here is my info.

Erin Potter or Dream Panther

726-15018-107 Street

Edmonton, AB,

T5E 4W6


melissa wiertz

11822 mulberry avenue

cumberland md 21502

Hi I'm currently moving from this address so here is my new one

135 N. Mechanic Street Apt 207

Cumberland Maryland 21502

And you can use either my wiccan name Lavender Moon or my given name Melissa Wiertz


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