I tried looking elsewhere but couldn't find anything.

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This is an old post/question but if you are still active and interested we can make this into a discussion...

There are a lot of different ways that each religion can "worship" so if you have more specific questions or theories that can be confirmed or explained that might be helpful :D

In general, there are a few different ways that Kami of Shinto are honored in Japan. One way is in the home, usually through an altar called the "kamidama" (literally kami-shelf) and another is through public shrines (Jinja Shinto) where priests perform rights and worshipers come to pray. As you can imagine the methods of worship in each of these instances can be quite different, and that isn't even including the variations between specific shrines and Kami!

So in that should give you something to look up and maybe get some more specific questions or personal theories we can discuss as a group!


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