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This is the time of year for Sakura,, cherry blossoms, I see the cherry,
blossoms outside are here now
It is time for them I used to play the Japanese childrens song "Sakura Sakura" for my daughter... Looking outside, my window this morning I see it is that time of year again , the time for the Cherry Blossoms,, they only last about two weeks...Like the impermance of a Tibetan Mandala......
ugh,,,, That attempt at Haiku,,,didnt get the right format,,,,it starts with I see the cherry,,......etc
read The First far

There is a very cute anime for children called "Folktales from Japan" that tells a huge number of different fairy tales in a simple, easy to understand way and is worth checking out to supplement any reading you are doing. 

It is available on Crunchyroll, I belive for free, as it isn't a new release. 


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