As I mentioned in a blog post I made a moment ago...

I am studying Japanese. And I would personally recommend a similar discipline of any individual honoring gods primarily of another culture.

Language expresses ways of thinking that can often be different between groups of people and are often difficult to translate directly. So though gods and spirits are not limited by human language, it would behoove us to try and see the world, at least partially, in the way the original practicers of the faith might see it.

From a purely academic perspective, it will also allow a seeker to make their own judgment without the inevitable bias from translators, no matter how well-meaning. 

But learning a language is hard. Especially when doing so on your own, which is why I also feel the effort makes a great offering to the spirits and gods. A way to show your love, serious devotion, and respect.

What do you think? Would you recommend Heathens/Asatru learn Norse? Or Hellenistic Pagans learn Greek? Though certainly not a requirement I would personally recommend it!

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