There is always more to be learned, be it customs or speech patterns. I've used many helpful podcasts, books, CDs, you name it to learn Japanese. My favorite is it's lots of fun for me. What is your favorite method in learning Japanese (Nihongo) ? That is assuming you are not a native speaker. lol

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Better late than never!

For the beginner, I love and highly recommend "Human Japanese" it's a program much more like an interactive book that can be purchased for the computer or smartphone. The Author is extremely personable and takes most of the intimidation factor out of learning such a different language to English. I even learned quite a bit about English in the process!

As I am still a beginner, (relearning everything again after a few years of not studying and stagnation,) I can't attest to more advanced materials but this one at least gives a good foundation and some confidence when branching out into some more advanced study materials. 


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