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We’re very jazzed about the new Star Wars movie that is out now.  Who, among our membership has seen the trailer for the new Star Wars movie? Apparently, from whence Stephen has said, the trailer is pretty entertaining. It has a lot of ethnic diversity and balance between men and women. Taylor went has seen the trailers several times, and things that it is a real teaser in the best sense of the word. If she could afford it, she would take Dallan to a matinee showing.  But we’ll probably have to wait six months or so until it comes out on Netflix. From what Stephen has said, the movie uses much of the original cast of the first trilogy. This means that this installment will take place decades after the first trilogy. Tegwedd has seen  the trailer and verifies that it is indeed a teaser. She wishes she could go see the movie. But things could change in the new year. We might have more disposable income to go see a matinee of the film. "It could happen!" as Judy Tenuda likes to say.  If you are going, please post a review, critique, and/or a discussion about it. We don't want this or any other of our groups to be so one-sided that we just post discussions and  you just sit there. We want you to post discussions too. That's why, when we formed these groups, we gave you, our members, such wide-ranging powers.

The thing that's kicking around Stephen’s head is the idea of other worlds. There are 1 billion billion stars in this galaxy and if only 1% of the stars have planets, that's still a lot of planets. And furthermore, if only 1% of these planets are capable of life, that is, if they’re rocky worlds with liquid water in the Goldilocks zone around their stars that's still a lot ofworlds. Then there are all the parallel dimensions and alternate universes.  It is a whole multi-verse out there. Stephen was thinking this in relationship to Paganism. Even within just Celtic Paganism here on earth, the third rock from the sun, there is the world of women, the world of the ever young (tir-na-nog), the world of the Blessed, land of the Ever Living, the island of giant ants,  land of the rainbow, land of Otters, Pillar of Silver Net, Island of Circled Fire,Land of Plenteous Salmon,  Land of the Ancestors, Land of Singing Birds, Land of the Shuttered Door, Land of the Mill, Land of the Black and White, Land of  Many Birds, Land of Invisible riders, Land of the Hermit, Land of the Crystal Keep, Land of the Forge,Land of Trees, Land of Fiery Pigs,, Sea of Glass, Land of Recognition, Land of Hound-Footed Horses, Land of the Four Fences, Land of Joy, Lnd of the Eagles, Land of the Cats, Land of Giant Cattle, Land of the Falcons, Land of the Cannibal Horses, Land of Sorrows, and the Land of the Revolving Beast. Then there are the nine worlds of the Norse; Midgard, Asgard, Niffelheim, Muspelheim, Helheim, Trollheim, Jotunheim, Alfheim, Vanaheim, and Svartalfheim.

We’re watching “Childhood’s End,” based on a novel by the late great Arthur C Clarke published in the mid-50s about an alien who comes to earth to change it. It banished war, poverty, and disease.  But there is a dark side to all this benevolence. As it happens, Kirellen and the supervisor for earth looks like the devil, at least how the jezoids have pictured Satan to look; red skin, goat’s hooves, and horns, and slitted pupils. Only of a few hate and fear him, as you might guess, the jezoids, those who insist on clinging to an irrelevant t set of beliefs and fears. Kirellen is portrayed ably by Charles Dance. He makes such a good villain/antagonist.  A word or two about the word villain: it comes from the same root as villa comes from the same root word as villa or village.  It used to mean one who lived in the country and worked the land. A villa is a country house  for a rich person or family. In Russian it's called dacha.  A village is a group of huts or cottages in the country belonging to peasants or yeoman farmers so a villain is a country person. How did he get to be the personification of evil, the bad guy? Who knows? Probably some city people came up with it. There's been dynamic tension between city and country dwellers for millennia. Apparently something is going to happen to earth they blame it on the overlords but it's either the hubris of the humans or it's part of the planet's natural lifecycle. The characters are dying like flies. The man who was the go-between between the supervisor for earth and the people of Earth has cancer. The show has a very depressing ending but the earth being destroyed. Tegwedd was very disappointed. She was hoping that Childhood’s End meant that we would be introduced to the civilizations and the rest of at least the galaxy all around us if not the rest of the universe or multi-verse. We’d meet all kinds of different beings and learn to communicate on different levels than just physical vocalizations and language.

The other show we want to talk about is the Expanse which takes place partly in space and partly in on earth. The time is the 23rd century. Around there is a Cold War going on between Earth and Mars which has grown out of being a mere colony to being a militaristic dictatorship. Their main bone of contention is Ceres station, an asteroid mining station  in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. As Pagans we have to wonder whether the deities of these planets participate at all in the drama unfolding here. Ceres is the Roman goddess of Earth, grain, the Roman version of Demeter. Mars is the Roman god of war, and Jupiter is king of the gods. Did the creators of the show even stopped to consider these deities and their character? Time will tell. It is on Tuesday nights at 7 PM our time 10 PM Eastern. Depending on where you’re at, your time will vary.

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Childhoods end I watched full was very good although I justy do not see aliens revealing themselves looking like  the "devil" LOL Makes for interesting thought and dfiscussion. Star Wars I want to see the other for some reason did not watch

I loved Childhood's End. It kept me guessing. If I find a movie or any show for that matter that bores me in the first half hour, I delete it. This one didn't. No too sure I liked the ending, but not too surprising.

Right, Bree.  It's just a matter of time before we have visitors from another world who actually reveal themselves to us.  What will they be like?


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