Back in 1990 - my that seems a long time ago now - a lady calling herself Solaris,came here to Australia and gave semiars and workshops in knowing our ture original 'star seed' self. I remember vividly doing an amzing weekend workshop where we did varous meditations and tuned in to various things....asking ourselves certain questionsand trusting those answers. Mainly, it was where did I come from, originally - beore the Fall. For me, and my friend who was with me, we got that we'd come from Sirius...and had many incarnations on this earth plane. We also, 'got' our original star seed name...which I won't write here, but needless to say its very special to we received, or brought through, our own special mudra...which practice from time to time. I will check out what name 'she' uses these day, as I did come across somethng about her not long ago...and she was having special 'opening up' of energy grid lines. Through her, I learnt about the 11:11 stargate etc.. Just wondering whether any of you have had similar experiences?

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Hi the thanks for the response and if you want to send me a personal response then you can write to me on and look forward to hearing your V


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