Blessings, I'm new to this group. I am wondering if anyone is familiar with making raised garden boxes. I am trying to design something my bf can build that are accessible. I am unable to do regular ground work, so was thinking about raised beds. Am I ok with a basic design about 12" deep, 6' long, and likely 3' wide at a height of roughly 3.5'?  Most of what I see are lower but supported with basic 2x4 lumber legs. Could I simply raise the height, or will I need to add in some type of cross leg supports or wider legs to hold the weight with the extra height? Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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I am new to both this group and gardening in general (my husband is the one with the green thumb but I'm going to be trying again soon...) but maybe I can give this some input. 

to raise the beds higher you will probably want some more support, I wouldn't necessarily think anything fancy so much as maybe putting some more legs in the middle rather than just the four corners. With that much weight, and because I'm paranoid, I personally would use something like cinder blocks for the legs and put 3-4 on each side.

the idea I'm personally going to be trying and might work for you too, is a tier system, with different levels of raised beds. you can potentially plant those with less maintenance on the bottoms, (peas, beans and whatnot that you wouldn't necessarily have to kneel to reach) and the root vegies and stuff on the top, (carrots and stuff).


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