Suit of Cups
Cups are emotion. Such as  love, bliss, melancholy, sorrow.  
Representative of the element of water.
Represents the west and Summer.
Zodiac attachment: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Female, Summer and the color red.

As you explore each suit in Tarot it quickly becomes clear that they represent so much more than the simple explanation given in the books. So I would love for you to share your personal insights with us on what the Suit of Cups has revealed to you about their personalities and symbolism. 

What element do you associate with it?

What primal energy do you associate with it?

What negative aspects do you associate with it, i.e...?Negative aspects of the Suit of Wands (i.e. when the Wands cards appear reversed)

What timing do you associate with it as in season or day or month?

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I learned that it represented Fall.

I always thought it was Fall also, but online says summer repeatedly.
So Tegwedd, what have you learned about cups the books don't tell about?

Cups have information about both emotions and intuition, that 6th sense that enables us to read the cards.  Also fantasies.   I know that fantasies and daydreams were dismissed by your parents and other adults such as teachers when you were a child, but fantasies and daydreams are very important for any Witch.  They are the doorway to our sub- and unconscious, our Younger Selves, as the practitioners of Huna like to call it, the parts of ourselves where magick is actually done.  They are also the beginnings of creative visualization, without which we cannot do effective magick.  How can we manifest our desires if we cannot see them in our mind's eye?  The Cups partake of all three of those traits; emotions, intuition and fantasies.

Hi Kixs, I've missed your great discussions.  I am afraid I don't have much to add, maybe a couple of small things.  I see cups as representing relationships of all kinds.  Parent/child, employee/boss, spouses, lovers, friends...all relationships.  I think many tend to think of only Lovers.  

You may may recall I consider myself the continual novice as there is so much to learn and I do not believe anyone can ever learn it all.  That being said...I forgot what I was going to say.  Lmao!   Negative aspects of the cards?   People.  Relationships deal predominantly with people, could be a relationship with your pet of course, but it's predominantly people we're talking about.  Let's face it...people are fickle and can screw up anything.  The cards can say one thing today, and be accurate, then some silly human will come along and screw things ip righteously.  

While that is true of all the suits, and the Majors, I see it more of a problem with cups.  

I think that Cups represent the sub-and unconscious, that great cauldron of seething broth that our creativity comes from, although Wands, the Element of Fire represents our creativity.  I believe there is some crossover here.


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