Mediumship 101: 6 Steps to Developing Your Connection

September 13, 2015

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

In honor of the launch of the new Mediumship Membership Program, I wanted to share with you the 6 most common steps you can take to develop your abilities to communicate with those in Spirit.

We’re all Spirit within.

We all have some level of Spirit communication ability within. These gifts simply needs to be unearthed, discovered, identified and practiced.

Here’s how you do just that:

6 Steps To Develop Your Connection To The Spirit World

1. explore and search

As my mom used to say, there are many rivers and they all lead to the ocean.

Likewise, there are many, many practices that involve connecting with the Divine and some form of Spiritual Communication that do not label themselves as a form of mediumship, even though they are.

Reiki, crystal healing, plant spirit communication, shamanism, energy work, angel card readings and tarot are all modalities of communicating with the Divine.

Explore all the modalities that interest you, and all the schools of thought out there, and then settle on a path of learning. Get a good feeling of who you like, what you like and what lights you up before diving into any pool head first.

2. expand your senses

We all have Spiritual Communication abilities. These are known as the intuitive or psychic senses and through these senses are how those in Spirit will communicate with you.

Identify which of your senses are strongest in you by taking a class, paying attention to your experiences when you are alone or in meditation, meeting with a coach, or opening them up with a healer.

Once you know what your strongest senses are and start developing them, then Spirit can begin to communicate with you through those senses.

3. find a teacher/class/development group

Mediumship has traditionally been taught from person to person since the beginning of time.

The process of connecting with Spirit is often an exciting, scary, uncertain or unpredictable time and to develop confidence and understanding in your gifts, it can help to have a supportive teacher, mentor or circle of friends that can help guide you and whom you can share your experiences with.

4. define your boundaries

When streamlining communication with anyone at all, it helps to have boundaries, so the other person knows how you expect to be treated and makes sure to be respectful of those boundaries.

However, a person cannot be respectful of your boundaries if they do not know what they are.

Likewise, the Spirit World has to know your boundaries, too.

As you start to open up to communication, make sure to define who you wish to communicate with(and who you don’t) and what forms of communication are okay with you (and what forms aren’t).

When you do, you’ll have a much more pleasant experience.

5. develop your focus

Honest, genuine and intentional communication takes focus and attention.

Mediumship is the same.

In order to receive clearly the information from Spirit, you must first understand that those in Spirit will be primarily communicating with

Therefore, most of the messages you receive will likely be heard, seen, felt and received from within yourself - inside your mind, inside your heart or inside your head.

To make sure you can receive these messages, you must develop the ability to have and keep keen, attentive focus.

This is often done in meditation - but remember: what constitutes as meditation is different for everyone.

My meditation is a walk in the woods.

6. practice, practice, practice

After that, the best thing you can do is to intentionally practice sitting down and receiving information from Spirit.

You can start with your simply Guides and make sure to ask questions.

When you ask questions of Spirit is often when you receive the most feedback.

Make sure to write down what you receive - as only half of the deal of mediumship is receiving - the other half is learning how to deliver what you get!

Remember, we all have what it takes.

So long as you believe, can release your fears and can gain the courage and the confidence to try, you can take your already present abilities to sense and perceive the unseen (in whatever form they are present) into a fully developed hobby or profession.

- Amanda

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Certain divination teas help also....I'm clairvoyant....sometimes I get messages that I interpret into poetry...sometimes I ask and receive no answer...but then other times are prime....sometimes my poetry interprets into other the simplest rhyme will be created to move stuff, get somewhere, or juss bore through eternity in dust....


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