Hey my name is mary and I want to get rid of negative energy without using holywater cause i dont want to scare the fairys but where I live I cant use candles or incense does anybody have any advice

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Mary my name is Sherman and I think it is super cool to meet you and welcome to the Pagan space I have been researching ways to rid areas of negative energies. One of the best ways which I think is super cool is the Following: 1: One cup of warm water I like spring or rain water but tap water is fine and will work. 2: You will need sea salt. If you can find whole Sea salt in a salt grinder I like it the best because you can usually get it real fine.  Now take the sea salt about a tea spoon or so and mix it into the water as you do visualize the water becoming with pure white light as you mix the water and stir clockwise, as you do visualize the water beginning to glow with a pure white light after thoroughly mixing take the mixture with both hands and holding it above your head and recite this Blessing, "Oh Gracious Goddess Bless this holy water with your powers of light." Once this is done you are now ready to use this Wiccan Holy water and sprinkling it liberally around the area or areas you wish to remove negativity from.  Granted even though I call it Wiccan holy water it is 100% fairy friendly it may even help with earth fairy connection as well let me know how it works for you.


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