A Beltaine story...
I have come to the tradition of leaving out libations for the Fairyfolk as part of my celebrations of the Pagan holidays. I leave out elderberry wine in a little porcelain thimble and butter cookie pieces in a small glass bowl. I left this out for the Ostara celebration and refilled it a few times. One day I noticed that the thimble had gone missing. (Honestly I thought it was a bird from the large elder tree in the back) I said to myself I hope it is returned before Beltaine or I may NOT be leaving out a libation! I further went online looking for and pricing thimbles to replace the one that was lost/missing. My goodness they had become spendy since I had gotten my 6 thimble collection some 5 years ago at the Dollar store in Kennewic WA. Anyway time goes on and here it is Beltain eve, so before going out to have coffee with my friend I put out some traditional libations for the Fairyfolk. I returned about 30 minutes ago and took my little Wahldo out back for a potty break and while heading back up the stairs I noticed the thimble lying on the ground. The fae are so sweet and playful!
Thanks for letting me tell this sweet little story.

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