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The Order of Pagans

There are Pagans throughout the world, but many of them are scattered. Because of this, many would feel alone in such a big world. The Order of Pagans is a group aspiring to be one day the calling to all Pagans alike. A simple group now, The Order of Pagans hopes that one day it can become a vast organization contributing to society in the unique ways that come from the ideals of Paganism. Not only that, but the Order of Pagans is meant to be a home of all different genres of the old religions whether that be the Celts, Norse, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu-Wiccans, Eastern influenced, and so on. The main goal of this group is to bring the world of Paganism together, and bring closer an age of acceptance and adventure. The key slogan is the german phrase, "Wir Alles Familian," meaning, "We are all family." The Order of Pagans is a peaceful group, and does not condone any form of violence among Pagans. Everyone should be treated fairly and justly. With all that being said, let the Pagans of around the world come together in total harmony and bring a new age in an ever changing world.

The Rules of Conduct in the Order of Pagans:
1. “Wir Alles Familien” We are all family. This is the motto of the group. We must understand that we are all human, we bleed, we cry, we laugh, we love. With any conflict, remember this. You can go a million miles with a small pinch of love, but you can also feel the weight of a thousand planets with a heart of hatred.

2. Violence is not permitted. Any violent action blackens the name of pagan and any pagan who is violent shall not be recognized by the order. The exceptions are soldiers, hunters, fishermen, ranchers and other holders of livestock that involve humane slaughter.

3. Spread the world about the order through kindness and good deeds. Help others, teach others, team up with others, etc. People who are willing to aid others are much more approachable and will have a higher likelihood to be listened to.

4. Be courteous and patient. Do not be like a morman or a Jahova’s Witness and go door to door asking if they want to hear about the lord and savior Thor, Andraste, Cernunnos, Zeus, Mars, Ra, etc. etc. Fill people with fascination or curiosity, but do not be too forward.

5. Protests should be peaceful events, and should have great purpose. Plant trees in a park, have a protest walk where you pick up trash, riot(peacefully) with bags of food to give homeless people a drive by feeding.

6. When debating be calm and collected. Understand facts and opinions, but most of all, be the mature one and do not let words get under your skin. Take an opposing argument into consideration, but insults and curses should fall from you like spring rain.

7. If anyone is to ever try to fight you, you have the right to defend yourselves. However, never provoke, always try to get out of it peacefully, and keep the culprit alive. The aim is to stop fights, not make them.

8. Rituals and religious ceremony in public must be of consent not only to the members, but also everyone around you. The Christians do it in a big house called a church, let us do it in the woodlands or a place of nature we would call sanctuary.

9. Slandering anyone’s reputation or name is wrong and unjust. So are lawsuits for the sake of trying to be right. If a bartender says he doesn’t serve pagans, let everyone know and allow karma to punish him. Any projected ill will towards anyone only causes unrelenting chaos.

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Started by Alexander Stortz Jul 19, 2016. 0 Replies

I had a thought of the three birds. The birds are the Doves, the Owls, and the Ravens.Doves are healers, and are for those who are nurses, counselors, volunteers to aid the needy (like the peace…Continue

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The visions I saw is the reason I made this group.

Started by Alexander Stortz Jul 19, 2016. 0 Replies

For almost a year, I have seen visions within my wake and in my nightmares. I saw a war where fire consumed the land. I saw the slaughter of women and children. I saw soldiers resort to cannibalism…Continue

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Spreading Word

Started by Myst Moonlight. Last reply by Alexander Stortz Jun 22, 2016. 3 Replies

I have  a membership on another site or two what do you think about anouncing the group there and inviting people to join us hereContinue

First course of action: Growth

Started by Alexander Stortz Jun 5, 2016. 0 Replies

Three members, including myself is a great start in my book. It is like the first leaves of a seed that was planted in the ground. That is us; starting from the ground up. If we want to become a…Continue

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Comment by Cat Lady Bree on August 1, 2016 at 9:14am

Comment by Alexander Stortz on June 12, 2016 at 4:38am

I'm just happy the group is getting more people. To make a change, we need more people. Inspiration is a wonderful thing. Also, the rules are a first draft. If things don't make sense in them, feel free to address it.

Comment by Cat Lady Bree on June 10, 2016 at 9:19am

Thanks for the invite! Not on here much anymore, at least this time of the year. Summer chores keep me busy. Maybe when life (?) calms down some, I'll be on more.

Good luck with your new group! B

Comment by Alexander Stortz on June 10, 2016 at 2:18am

The Council of Witches is welcome to debate. We are all family after all. However, I to take your word of caution as one of merit. Some pagans prefer a more provocative approach, and I can't blame them, but if I can help in showing the direction I am trying to lead, then maybe I could shed a good light on pagans and convince fellow pagans to take a more calmer route.

Comment by Ariel Ganshmi on June 7, 2016 at 9:04am

Pish posh, I am glad to help. Just as a word of caution, there was a group called the Council of Witches (or something like that) that you mighty have to constantly put yourself at guard. They seeked to do something similar to yours, but not quite in your direction. They wanted to be a group that represented all pagans but I know you're not trying to go in that direction. You might have to constantly argue that though. :] I'll help with what I am able.

Comment by Alexander Stortz on June 7, 2016 at 1:30am

Thank you for Joining Daemon. You may help with bringing understanding to the odder sides of Paganism. You are a great person of knowledge and everyone respects you for it. I, for one, admire your dedication to finding knowledge in places even I do not dare go. Myst, your determination is a great addition to the group. I will need as much of it if this group is to grow. Thank you both for joining the group.

Comment by Alexander Stortz on June 7, 2016 at 1:27am

Thank you, all of you, for joining. The objective still stands; spread the word, and grow. I will make rules on conduct. I would not mind suggestions either. I'm glad that you joined Ganshmi. I feel your guidance will be greatly appreciated when it comes to helping this group thrive. Blessed be to all. 


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