Greetings, happy new year and merry meet,
I am posting a general question for any and all who care to answer (I apologize for cross posts).

What herb, element, stone, oil, tool, etc. or even common item is a must have in case of emergency or urgent need? In other words, if you are away from your altar and need to do a spell or healing quickly what one or two items would you absolutely want to have?


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I have two. The first being my athame, I always have it with me. The second being my quartz crystal, its not a great huge peice of quartz but I love it and it was a gift to me from my Mother.
Interesting question..never thought of it....For sure a piece of quartz and probably my Goddess pendant for invocation. However, I think the most powerful tool would be my intent and energy I put into it.Blessings, Ianna
Personally, I don't need anything if I'm away from my alter or my ritual items. I find my positive finger is all I need to cast a circle, create a protection barrier or invoke a deity. Using whatever is at hand such as sticks, dirt, feather, pebbles, flowers or water works just fine. I believe intent is the greatest tool of all.
Intent & the will


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