The spiked chair:
This instrument of torture comes in different versions. We are first going to examine their common features and, then, their differences. All of them have common features, in that they are covered with spikes on the back, on the arm-rests, on the seat, on the leg-rests and on the foot-rests. The chair exhibited at the museum of San Gimignano has 1300 spikes, a real "carpet" of spikes . One version has a bar screwed on the lower portion of the chair, by the victim's feet, which by a screw mechanism forced the back of the legs against the spikes, thus penetrating the flesh of the victim. Another version had two bars immobilising the victim's wrists forcing his forearms against the arm-rests resulting in the flesh being penetrated by the spikes.
Another version had a bar at chest height, to immobilize the victim's bust, while the spiked seat had holes to allow the victim's bottom to be 'heated" by hot coals placed under the seat, causing painful burns, but still keeping the victim conscious.

The maiden of Nuremberg:
The name of this instrument seems to have originated from a prototype that was built in the town of Nuremberg. It is also said that this sort of sarcophagus had the face of a maiden carved on its front door, probably with the aim of making this horrible container look more refined.
This instrument has four main features, whose wickedness, I think, deserve to be analyzed. The inside of the sarcophagus was fitted with spikes designed to pierce different parts of the body, but miss the vital organs, so that the victim was kept alive, in an upright position.
Its second feature is that the victims were kept in an extremely confined space to increase their suffering.
Its third feature was that the device could be opened and closed without letting the victim, who had been pierced from the front and the back, get away.
Its fourth feature was that the container was so thick that no shrieks and moaning could be heard from outside unless the doors were opened. When the sarcophagus doors were shut again, the spikes pierced exactly the same parts of the body as before, and thus no relief was ever possible. This instrument can be defined both a torture and a death instrument.

The heretics fork:
This instrument consisted of two little forks one set against the other, with the four prongs rammed into the flesh, under the chin and above the chest. A small collar supported the instrument in such a manner that the victims were forced to hold their head erect, thus preventing any movement.
The forks did not penetrate any vital points, and thus suffering was prolonged and death avoided. Obviously the victims' hands were tied behind their back.

This comes from:
Torture Museum
This is only a small part of the devices used.
It may have ended with burning or hanging, but it started with torture!

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Aye tha it did and most of the torture devices were sanctioned byu the Roman Catholic Church.
I like the chair, and a little modification and I could juice my Victims with the Iron Maiden like device. cool
Yes and the church stood to make, much money. The victim's family often had to pay the Inquisitors fee, not only that but they also had to pay for the wood and pitch for the pier. The church always took the property of the "witch". Tis sad that some times the victim's children had to stand and watch as their mother or father was tested or burned, and sometime they were the ones being killed.
ue annette -in many,many cases, the daughters of sa so called or accusedWitch, were thrown onto the pyres withtheir Mother -to prevent the "Craft" from being passed down the female line.
Within Scotland, where the fires and the inquisitors excelled themselves, those brothers and sisters of the Craft, made a decision to transfer a lot of the knowledge down to the Male lineage, to prevent the Craft dying out entirely.
In many Covens , the "man in Black", became the leader, and organiser of Sabbats, sometimes referred to as the "Magister".
In our ancestor case, it was the wonderful King James, and his determination to impose his idea of Christianity upon the country he ruled, with his version of the Bible, which resulted in the disposal of thousands of mainly innocent women and men and children, as he had a paranoid fear of Witchcraft, made worse by his new wife from Denmark, whose family were also Witch persecutors.
He personally watched, as some of the Berwick Witches were first tortured, then executed -commenting that Agnes Sampson was "an educated woman" -nevertheless, to the fires she went.
Heres a Scolds Bridle from the museum of witchcraft which is reputed to be the one used to chain Old Agnes to the wall of her death cell.
I recall that the Home Secretary Jack Straw, was being petitioned to Pardon certain people hung as Witches in England -this has not gone far enough -the Vatican, and the Pope, and descendants of King James, should be made to beg forgiveness at the High Altar of St peters, and Westminster Abbey, for the genocidal practices of their ancestors.
Britain apologised for its part in the slave trade, it is time that all countries that allowed the inquisition of the innocents -and some that were not, were compelled under Un law to apologise for their actions.
Its my belief, that while at present, we live very much in a "golden age" where free practice and belief is permitted, should a more powerful and narrow minded religion that is fast growing in the world, ever take control of Western Governments, we could face a return to the persecution and torture of the "burning times", and have to go underground yet again -for many of us who have used the medium of the internet, as at present -it would be too late, as we already will have been identified.
Perhaps the time for a meeting of minds, cultures and beliefs, between the Pagan world, and the stablished churches of Christianity, should take place -for as their congregatios fall, the Pagan world grows daily -and so does that of the Islamic belief -which is an Alien religion that will not allow ANY other form of Deity to be worshipped .
Hello everyone -managed to find the write up on our ancestor Old Agnes, if anyones interested?
It's all about power and control, something the established main-line churches were well aware of, spirituality and dedication to God had very little to do with it. Control through fear has long been the favorite tool of tyrants, religious or secular.


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