I am Ivlia Vespasia and I follow the Gods of Rome. I belong to the SCA and also to Nova Roma, a group dedicated to the ways of classical Rome. I know that there are many others who follow these Gods but wondered if any belonged to this site. If so I would love to hear from you as I sometimes feel alone. Many of the others seem to live near each other and are able to socialise but I am in Ireland, and while there are many pagans here they all seem to worship different Gods.

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Hello Ivlia,

You are not alone. I was actually just linked over to this site because I was curious if there were any Roman Pagan Groups in Southeastern Michigan, or maybe even a Greco-Roman Group, when I happened upon your post. I am having the same problem here.

Forgive me for rambling. Wow! You really drove a point home to me about the history of the Pagan Churches leading up to the reign of Julian the Apostate and the battle for the soul of Rome. I had understood the concept that Pagans were at a disadvantage when faced with the Christian challenge, because there was no one Pagan religion, but a collection of many different churches. This one post really drove that point home to me.

Good hunting and congratulations on your membership in Nova Roma.

Lord Kinbote

Detroit, Michgan
Lord Kinbote,

I am Near Mt Clemens in Michigan. I work with Greco-Roman deities (not exclusively) but I am dedicated to both Hermes and Hecate.

Papa Loki

I also am a participating member of Nova Roma. My husband and I are both members of Nova Roma.

Blessed Be,
As members of Nova Roma do you have any good ideas on where it is possible to buy cheap linen suitable for making both tunica and palla. I am using lightweight cotton muslin (not cheesecloth) which is good for summer but for winter linen would be better, and wool even better. The problem is, in Ireland there is no easy supplier of basic fabrics. Polycotton is easily bought but is not really thin enough to drape properly, especially for the tunica. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, especially as I tend to wear roman garb as everyday wear.
Hi, my name is Scarlett and I honor the Gods and Goddess Of Greece, I was a member of the SCA when I lived in Georgia, but now I live in Missouri and there is no SCA anywhere near me. I live in the middle of now where, and there are no pagans as of yet, that I have found. At times, I feel so alone, So I hope to meet new friends with the same interest.
I follow the Religio Romana and there is nobody near me that I know of who also practices it. Sometimes I feel alone as well.
Salve Iulia Vespasia,
I am Iulia Aenea Apollonia Musa, Camilla Diana under Lucia Modia Lupa, also of Nova Roma. Here you can call me Spoon. I'm currently working on the Mysterion Project to reconstruct the Mystery Religions of the Roman Empire. Much of my practical work in that regard can be found on the Ecstasia group on PaganSpace. I'll cross post a bit between there so that I can share some things of value with people here.

Nice to "meet" you. :-)

Vale bene,
The Greco-Roman gods seem to be very active this year in 2010.Have you noticed all the hype on TV and Movies with the Gods? There is a fever that is breaking out and it in inflaming others with the fires of Olympia!

Does anyone her do any oracle work regarding the gods? My "groups" workings seem to be confirming the underworlds and harvest gods - Demeter and Pluto....

I agree, they have been active this year. As for me I follow Hecate and Diana (Artemis) and have a small altar to Diana (Artemis) and I have Hecate on my wall because you can hang her up and then I've got a tiny table that I got from Azuregreen as a altar. I really don't have much room in my room but I do try my best.

MM, Papa Loki. What do you mean by "oracle working"?  And yes, I too have noticed the influx of the Olympic gods almost, but not quite, as big as the increasing influx of vampires. When do the werewolves get a turn?

Oh, and I follow the twins - Artemis and Apollo, but don't exclude any of the others if they can assist better in my need.


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