I wanted to share this with this group for reasons that should become fairly obvious once you get reading it. This is just something that I do and explaining it beforehand would save on questions later. ;-) This is X-posted from my trance group which is why there's a trance slant towards its presentation. (Trance is an important aspect of the Mysterion.)

I got a considerable amount of flack for demonstrating respect for the writen names of the Gods in the first Ecstasia manual. I had never considered that the majority of practicing Pagans, Neo-Pagans and witchy folk did not know or did not choose to show traditional forms of respect for sacred names. But after I recieved a lot of criticism for it I started to pay more attention to the way that sacred subjects are treated in the world of Neo-Paganism and I was really unpleasantly surprised. I had always been aware that I was unusual but I suddenly became aware that I was darn near alone.

This perplexes me because sacred names are things that I've seen discussed numerous times in many basic books from a variety of angles on witchcraft and Neo-Paganism. And yet here we are... What I'm going to say is probably going to irk some people but I stand by it.

I used to use a traditional thaumaturgical form of deference when writing the names of Gods; I would drop a letter from the beginning or end of the name so as to disguise the name but still give the impression of whom I was referring to. Classical deities were once referred to by a multitude of epithets and sobriquets so as to maintain the focus of holyness in the very word of their names. The nicknames were in place to prevent casual utterances. You don't just drop the name of a God like it was nothing. The Epithets and titles were there so that the speaker could be darn clear about exactly whom they were speaking of. In many Greek plays you'll notice the names of Gods are obscured with nicknames. This is why.

I don't drop letters anymore since it apparently looked a little too alien to a modern audience. I try to walk the walk in my everyday life but I don't want to alienate my fellow Pagan folk. Instead I simple render honor in the form of a gesture called adoratio. When I speak or write the name of a God out of sacred context I perform an *Adoratio*. This means that I kiss my right hand and rotate my torso from left to right in a saluting gesture. So far this seems to go over much better.

I still no not appreciate the casual utterances of the most sacred of holy names of Gods. Even Gods who are not my own. We should respect that which is sacred and not give these names to our pets or to our cars. I know that many people do it on purpose to show disdain for certain Gods and that is pretty alien to me. You can disrespect people but to disrespect a Divinity in any form seems ignoble.

This is actually pretty integral to trance work because if you do not designate what is sacred then nothing sacred can be reached. These words will have no power if you use them casually. This will ultimately shoot you in the foot if you ever use sacred chant and it will ultimately deny you access to ecstatic invocation. So be aware of what you say and what you write.


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