This is a place to introduce yourself. Not obligatory, of course, but it certainly makes it easier than shouting "hey you! With the fur!" in a crowded room. Feel free to tell us a little about yourself, your wolfly association, and any other facts, tidbits, and whathaveyou's that you may wish to impart to a captive audience (chains and all).


I'll get it started. My name is Woad. I'm 25, a wolf personality (and maybe more, but I've never gone much further than that explanation) and spirit, and a green witch/ Green Path Pagan. I've been practicing my craft for fifteen years, and I've been exploring my spiritual nature for far longer.


A bit of a story, when I was a kid my grandmother owned land, about 40 acres. She rented out bits of the land, one parcel of which went to a man whom bred and released wild wolf packs as part of the reintroduction effort. I used to go to his house as often as I could, and he would teach me about wolves. I was deeply connected to the wolves, and miraculously, they accepted me without much in the way of question. I learned their language, and learned that I already spoke quite a bit of their language on instinct. I even got to play with puppies. Perhaps my fondest memory from that short experience was the night I stayed late, and the packs all howled together. I was in the middle of them, surrounded by the howling, and I honestly thought it was the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard.


Which is very deep and philosophic for a seven year old, let me tell you. lol


Now, I'm not very good at those introductory questionnaires. If anyone wants to develop one and place it here, I'll fill it out, of course. Regardless, say whatever you would like about yourself. Have a good one folks :)

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<sniff> back at ya.


Good to have you here.


My name is Michelle. I am 19 years of age and have always been fascinated by wolves, I also have a wolf personality as well. They are my animal totems, my friends. I am also a witch. Sometimes, I have dreams about wolves, vivid, running freely in a forest of pine trees, evergreens, moss linning the ground along with dirt and mud. In my dreams, I meet the wolves of the pack. And I feel safe. The thing is, that they are humans. People, like you or me. And all gather around a fiercely hot lit fire in the center, ambers amock. Clouds clear to announce the sweet surrender of its moon, sending the group in a chorus of howls, so beautiful, and before I can stop myself or know what the hell I'm doing, I feel a howl escape my throat, my mournful song entangled and united amongst all. Then a transformation begins amongst all the people. People of different ages, sexes, sizes, races....they all change..and its so beautiful that I cannot help but choke back tears. Suddenly I look down and realize they are not alone. I also change in my dream, my hands traded in for paws, my skin for fur and I embrace it, because its the purest, most honest moment in my life. And we run, and run, and run. Senses all heightened, its a new world unlocked to me, but a world I've always known I belong to, one way or another. We hunt as one, we communicate easily through thoughts...somewhere out there I know they exist, they're all real, I remember faces..its such an intense experience, that when I wake I wish to slumber, to return, sweat dripping down my back, inhuman soft throaty moan escaping my lips before I can bother to catch it at all, marking my saddeness in leaving. My natural behavior is very wolf like as well, since a child. I growl when challenged, or annoyed or out of satisfaction.I have intense eyes as well or so I have been told. And what's mine is mine. I am very territorial, especially when it comes to a mate.


Hello and Merry Meet from Central New Jersey.  I am a 34 year old, female wolf therian.  I have connected with wolves for awhile.  They are beautiful animals.  Wolf is my main totem.  I am a polytheist Pagan that has leanings towards Shamanism.
greetingz all! I've been pagan for over 10 yrs & close with spirit wolves even longer. I'm 46 love the color purple & not an alpha, though I don't like being "bossed" around rofl.

hi im tasha im 21 and i have always loved wolves and have always loved to play with them. i have alot of wolf characteristics and habbits. my friends find it funny that i sleep curled in a ball and sneeze when they thump my nose so ya its not fair sometimes. but i do hope to find some friends and people to talk to on here that can understand me.

hi my name is river wolf. spirit name that i love. i have been told i am an omega wolf. that is a wolf that can be an alpha and protective but has no feeling to. i can be submissive but most times i choose not to listen to alpha's and do things my own way. im not a follower in the least. nor am i a loner. i can interact with people and become friends real quickly. i only truly have three friends. all who i consider family. i would die and be there for them. i have always felt this way. i have grown up with husky's all my life and been conected with wolves. i practice green wicca, shamanism and a tad bit of druidry. i always wanted to talk to my own kind. share experiences. i havent had luck in other groups. so i hope i do in this one.

blessed be.

Welcome to the Pack : )

Hello Hello I'm Elise (My first name is pronounced as Maggot in English because of the silent r sound. So please use Elise >.<) I'm a hearth witch and I'd dare say I have a wolf personality and a wolf totem. I have always admired and reveled in the majestic beings of wolves for as long as I can remember.


When someone has triggered my anger I have gotten furious to put it lightly. I used to throw chairs and tables across the classroom with ease I was 6 the first time I did it and I already had some built muscles but matched with my temper bullies got scared enough to stay away for awhile.


And I don't know why but I have usually when I get annoyed or miffed at someone I tend to growl or snarl at said person. I'm very protective of my friends and family and slide or jump into action when I sense something is about to happen to them.


Well that is little wolfy me and Oh i'm in my early 20's



Greetings everyone. I'm Scorpius Shadowolf. I'm 30 years old and a single father. I'm a solitary, eclectic pagan. I starting studying when I was 17 and started practicing at 20. I've always had wolf instincts since I was very young. I was always compaled to run around in the woods for no reason specificlly, just to do it. I also was draw to the full moon and my senses are heightened at that time. I guess I'm what you call a beserker because I turn very animalistic when I'm angered or I feel like my life is in danger. I hope to chat with everyone soon. Blessed be.

My name is Jessica. I am 23 years old and in my senior year of college majoring in wildlife biology. I have a wolf spirit, however you wish to take that. Many do so differently from a deep spiritual connection, representation, therian, it all bleeds into one for me as I identify myself as such, and always have. There seems to be endless words, but I will keep it simple. I have a wolf spirit. I am aiming to work with wolves in conservation.


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