hands down mine is Shiraz, which is opposite to my white wine favorite of Chablis...as Shiraz has a lot of heavy oak flavour

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Malbec! mmmmm After that I'll take a good merlot.
I love a big cab! I got a chance once to try some wines from Chateauneuf that were The Best wines I've ever had!  I'm fond of wines with alot of earthiness and oak.

These are our labels......

Love it Lass :)

Zinfindel is a really nice wine indeed :)

I would have to say that my fav is Petite Syrah...I like something a little bit lighter than Merlots or Burgundies. I have recently discovered Frey Petite Syrah from the Redwood Valley, CA. I love it!!! Its organic so everything in it is organic and its oak aged in a barrel that hasn't been treated with any chemicals. It leaves for more flavor of the grapes and the tannins are natural...just like the barrel. It is great for $18.99/bottle.


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