Mine is Chablis...always has been. The reason I like it so much is the total absence of oak. This is really the only white wine I drink, as I find it suits my taste's perfectly.

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NONE,dont like any white.....but if I was pressed any Chardonay
Yeah, I'm with you on the Chardonay, same grape my only favorite white wine is made from, Chablis.
I havent run across a white I like. All the ones I have tried are very dry. Are there any sweet white wines?
Hi Sophie...not great on Whites, but if you like a sweeter wine, try a German white. Or some Chardonnays from Australia can be fairly sweet too...as are some sparkling whites too
Around ten years ago, I was gifted a crate of white wine by my brother in law, who worked in a wholesale Liquor distributors warehouse.
One of the pallets got part smashed, and it was an insurance write off, so doled out amongst the night workers.
The wine that I mention, was a Sicilian white, which was called " Sala de paruta", and it was wonderful - while it lasted, dry, fruity, around 11.5 per cent by volume, and a bottle was just too much for one, yet not enough for two, what I regard as the perfect blend!
I have tried to find through Vintners, another supply of this wine, but to no avail.
I wondered if it was from one of the small provincial vineyard that may have, by now, been swallowed up by a larger producer?
if anyone has any information regarding this wine -and where to purchase , I would be grateful for the information.
Blessings of love and light,
Hi Magister. I have not heard of this particular wine, but I wondered if it was connected in some way to the fortified wine Marsala, and is made in the west of Sicily. I'll look into it, and hopefully find out a bit more. Love & light, Joanne
Thanks Joanne, would like to lay down afew bottles for the future if I ever can get hold of some.
I'm not a big fan fan of white wine but in the Summer a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is a really refreshing drink,especially if followed by at least one more glass,lol.
It must be good, cos I think New Zealand is now the biggest Sauvignon Blanc growers/producers in the world...and the choice would be great, very plentiful....enough for a second glass...*lol* :)
mine is a little italian chardonay, so crisp and lovely with a meal , just a sip between mouthfuls of beautiful food allows you to taste all them nice flavors over and over again


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